Australian Labor Party (Western Australian Branch)

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Australian Labor Party
(Western Australian Branch)
Leader Mark McGowan
Deputy Leader Roger Cook
President Carolyn Smith
Secretary Matt Dixon
Headquarters 54 Cheriton St, Perth WA 6000
Youth wing WA Young Labor
National affiliation Australian Labor Party
Western Australian Legislative Assembly
40 / 59
Western Australian Legislative Council
14 / 36
Australian House of Representatives
(WA seats)
5 / 16
Australian Senate
(WA seats)
4 / 12

The Australian Labor Party (Western Australian Branch), commonly known as WA Labor, is the Western Australian branch of the Australian Labor Party. It is the current governing party of Western Australia since winning the 2017 election under Mark McGowan.


The Western Australian state division of the Australian Labor Party was formed at a Trade Union Congress in Coolgardie in 1899.[1] Shortly afterwards the federal Labor Party was formalised in time for Australian federation in 1901. The WA Labor Party achieved representation in the Western Australian Parliament in 1900 with six members, and four years later the party entered into minority government with Henry Daglish becoming the first Labor Premier of Western Australia.[1]


The current leaders of the party are:[2]


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