Austrians in the United Kingdom

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Austrians in the United Kingdom
Total population
19.511 Austrian Born (2001)[1]
Ancestral Numbers Unknown
(Over 0.03% of British population)
Regions with significant populations
London · South East England
British English · Austrian German
Roman Catholicism · Protestantism · Judaism

Austrians in the United Kingdom include citizens or non-citizen immigrants of the United Kingdom who originate from Austria.


Austrians have been present in what is now the UK for centuries as merchants, traders and diplomats, but it was only during the 1930s when Austrians came to the UK in significant numbers. The vast majority of these were Austrian Jews who fled to the UK to escape the Nazi leadership during the period of the Third Reich or 'National Socialist Period' (1933–1945).[2]


According to the 2001 UK Census, 19,511 Austrian-born people were living in the UK, which is actually a drop of around 5% from 1991; despite this there are also large but unknown numbers of British-born people of Austrian descent, which is reflected in the list of famous Austrian British people below. The population spread of Austrian-born people can be seen below.[3]

Region Austrian-born population
East Midlands 974
East of England 1,815
Greater London 5,771
North East England 340
North West England 1,658
Scotland 826
South East England 3,717
South West England 1,557
Wales 495
West Midlands 1,042
Yorkshire and the Humber 1,316
Northern Ireland Unknown

Notable Austrians in the United Kingdom[edit]


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