Avenue de la Liberté

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Aerial view of the avenue from the Place de la Gare in the South to the Adolphe Bridge in the North

Avenue de la Liberté is a street in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. The avenue is a one-way arterial road, with four lanes conveying traffic from the north of the Gare quarter to the south of that quarter, at Luxembourg railway station.


At its north end, the Avenue de la Liberté meets the Adolphe Bridge, which takes the traffic over the Pétrusse valley to join the Boulevard Royal in the city centre, Ville Haute. One-quarter of the way down the road, it runs along the eastern side of the Place des Martyrs, opposite which was the headquarters of ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel-manufacturer. At the south, the street reaches the city's central station, at which it becomes Place de la Gare, part of the N3 road.