Avraham Even-Shoshan

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Avraham Even-Shoshan
Avraham Rosenstein
Авраам Розенштейн

25 December 1906
Died8 August 1984
Tel Aviv, Israel
Alma materThe College for Hebrew Teachers (now the David Yellin Academic College of Education) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
OccupationLinguist and lexicographer

Avraham Even-Shoshan (Hebrew: אַבְרָהָם אֶבֶן שׁוֹשָׁן‎; 1906–1984) was a Russian-born Hebrew linguist and lexicographer, compiler of the Even-Shoshan dictionary, one of the foremost dictionaries of the Hebrew language.


Avraham Rosenstein, later Avraham Even-Shoshan, was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1906. He attended the cheder run by his father, who later sent him to public school and yeshiva.

Rosenstein managed to avoid the British restrictions on Jewish immigration to Mandatory Palestine and settled there in 1925, where he changed his name to Even-Shoshan, a translation of Rosenstein, and initially worked as a laborer, he studied at the College for Hebrew Teachers (now the David Yellin Academic College of Education)[1] in Jerusalem and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.[2] He worked as a teacher in Jerusalem until 1967.

In 1946-58, Even-Shoshan compiled HaMilon HeHadash (New Dictionary of the Hebrew Language), which became known as the Even-Shoshan Dictionary; the completed dictionary consisted of 24,698 main entries.[2] He was also the author of the Even-Shoshan concordance and co-author of the Bialik concordance.

Even-Shoshan died in the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem in 1984, he was buried in the Har HaMenuchot.


Published works[edit]

  • A New Concordance of the Bible: Thesaurus of the Language of the Bible, Hebrew and Aramaic, Roots, Words, Proper Names Phrases and Synonyms (1984)


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