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Axcess News
Type of site
Available inEnglish
OwnerNetAct America Inc. [1]
RevenueSubscription, Advertisement
Alexa rankDecrease 757,834 (July 2019)[2]
LaunchedJuly 12, 2003; 16 years ago (2003-07-12)[3]
Current statusOnline

Axcess News (stylized as AXcess News) is a Web-based publisher of daily news articles, columns, features, and publicity, located in Nevada, United States.

First started publishing online in August 2002, Axcess News is one of the largest web-only news publishers[citation needed]. It is owned by NetAct America, Inc., which also owns 92 other news web sites that collectively comprise the single largest network of closely held city news sites in the USA. Axcess News serves as the parent site of this network.


Axcess News started out as an online newsletter for a financial service and slowly evolved its publishing format to become a broad news publisher.

By 2002, it had evolved into a news web publisher, though still covering financial markets. During 2003, it expanded its news coverage to include the broad news topics it publishes today. In late 2003, it began developing its network approach to online news, adding the first 25 city news sites.

In 2004, the network of city news sites had expanded to 92 and Axcess News started syndicating online news for a Canadian online news network. A second online news network was also in development in the UK, and Axcess News then entered into reciprocal agreements to syndicate online news between both organizations.

As of 2005, Axcess News is preparing to join both the Canadian- and United Kingdom-based online publishing organizations in forming one global network, each publisher maintaining its own identity, yet all three cooperating to provide readers everywhere with high-quality news as it breaks from across the 230 cities they serve.

On May 13, 2009, World City Press, Inc. acquired Axcess News and its network of 92 major market news sites. Both Source Press in Canada and EU Newsnetwork Ltd in the UK were acquired; the global news network consists of 132 major market cities with a combined syndicate of over 7,800 sites. World City Press, Inc. is the largest independent online news network in North America with 30 reporters on staff, 16 correspondents, and 11 IT personnel.


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