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Formed in 1891 by Annbank, Ayr Parkhouse, Beith, Galston, Irvine, Kilwinning Monkcastle, Mauchline, Newmilns, Saltcoats Victoria and Stevenston Thistle F.C.

By 1893 the Ayrshire Football League had increased to 16 clubs. For some this was too many and the likelihood of playing to small crowds was irksome. So 7 clubs broke away to form the Ayrshire Football Combination.

The Ayrshire Football League continued with a less powerful membership but finally disbanded in 1895.


1891–92 Annbank F.C.

1892–93 Annbank F.C.

1893–94 Saltcoats Victoria F.C.

1894–95 Dalry F.C.


Annbank F.C. 1891–1893

Ayr Parkhouse 1891–1893

Beith F.C. 1891–1895

Dalry F.C. 1893–1895

Galston 1891–1895

Hurlford F.C. 1892–1893

Irvine F.C. 1891-95

Kilbirnie F.C. 1892–1893, 1894–1895

Kilmarnock Athletic F.C. 1892–1894

Kilwinning Eglinton F.C. 1893–1895

Kilwinning Monkcastle F.C. 1891–1894

Mauchline F.C. 1891–1892

Newmilns F.C. 1891–1894

Saltcoats Victoria F.C. 1891–1894

Stevenston Thistle F.C. 1891–1893

The league was briefly revived in 1900–01 by Ayr Parkhouse, Beith, Galston, Kilwinning Eglinton, Maybole and Stevenston Thistle F.C.

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