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Map of Lebanon showing the location of Aitat
Map of Lebanon showing the location of Aitat
Aitat shown within Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°47′30″N 35°33′26″E / 33.791607°N 35.557253°E / 33.791607; 35.557253Coordinates: 33°47′30″N 35°33′26″E / 33.791607°N 35.557253°E / 33.791607; 35.557253
Country Lebanon
Governorate Mount Lebanon
District Aley
City Aley
ISO 3166 code LB

Aitat, or Aytat (Arabic: عيتات‎), is a town located 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) west of the town of Aley within the district of the same name in the Lebanese governorate of Mount Lebanon. It was a strategic place during the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990), due to its view to Beirut.

Aitat has witnessed many tragic events, especially during the brutal Syrian Invasion. The latest was the firing of two rockets from the town hitting the Southern Suburbs of Beirut, the attack was linked to the Syrian terrorist groups fighting in Syria as a response to Hezbollah.

With its neighboring Christian town of Souk El-Gharb, this town remains one of the most memorial places in Lebanon for the Druze and the Christians as a reminder the fierce and deadly battles that occurred during the Lebanese Civil War. Today Aitat and Souk El-Gharb are considered to be the symbol of unity and forgiveness.

The Abi Saab's and the Timany’s are the most well known families of Aitat and the Aley district.


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