Ayub Shah Durrani

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Ayub Shah
Ruler of the Durrani Empire
7th Durrani ruler
Reign Durrani Empire: 1819 – 1823
Predecessor Ali Shah Durrani
Successor Dost Mohammad Khan
Died 1 October 1837
Dynasty Durrani dynasty
Father Timur Shah

Ayub Shah, a son of Timur Shah, ruled Afghanistan from 1819 to 1823. Second oldest son of Timor Shah. He killed his brother Ali Shah for the throne. He only ruled two years, holding off his own brothers and the Barakzai and Indian tribes from nearby. He was imprisoned by the Barakzai and his brother took the throne. Shortly losing it to Barakzai.


Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ali Shah Durrani
Emir of Afghanistan
Succeeded by
Dost Mohammad Khan