Azhdahak (Armenian mythical being)

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In Armenian mythology, Azhdahak (Armenian: Աժդահակ) was a man-vishap (man-dragon). Vishaps are believed to live in high mountains, in big lakes, in the sky, and in the clouds. They are believed to roar and sweep away everything in their path, especially when descending onto lakes. It is believed that a thousand-year-old vishap can absorb the whole world.

According to Movses Khorenatsi, Azhdhak was a king of the Marrs (also known as the Medes), and the grandfather of Cyrus; i.e., Astyages. Movses Khorenatsi wrote that Azhdhak was killed by Armenian king Tigran Orontid.[1] Khorenatsi wrote: "Azhdahak means dragon in our language".

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