B, la película

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B, la película
Directed by David Ilundain
Written by Jordi Casanovas, David Ilundain
Starring Pedro Casablanc
Manolo Solo
Release date
  • 18 September 2015 (2015-09-18)
Running time
78 min
Country Spain
Language Spanish

B, la película (English: "B, the film") is a 2015 Spanish legal drama directed by David Ilundain.[1] Its main characters are interpreted by Pedro Casablanc and Manolo Solo. It is a "judiciary drama" based on actual events, even though its screenplay is so faithful to reality, that it could be considered more as a documentary source rather than fiction.

The screenplay is based on a stage work "Ruz-Bárcenas" by Jordi Casanovas, a transcription of testimony given by Luis Bárcenas in 2013 in the Audiencia Nacional. Bárcenas was facing charges of corruption,[2] and the title of the film refers to the Spanish term Caja B, meaning parallel accounting or a slush fund.

The film was not widely distributed,[3] but received recognition from the critics. At the Goya Awards (Spain's principal national film awards) the screenplay was nominated in the Best Adaptation category and there were nominations for two of the actors, Pedro Casablanc (Best Actor) and Manolo Solo (Best Supporting Actor).



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