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BBC America

BBC America is an American basic cable network, jointly owned by BBC Studios and AMC Networks. The channel airs sci-fi and action series and films, as well as selected programs from the BBC Unlike the BBC's domestic channels in the United Kingdom, BBC America does not receive funding from the British licence fee, as the BBC cannot fund any of its channels that are available outside the United Kingdom. BBC America operates as a commercial-supported channel and accepts traditional advertising, it is funded by television subscription fees. As of September 2018, BBC America is available to about 80.9 million television households in the United States. BBC America was launched on March 29, 1998, presenting a mixture of comedy and lifestyle programs from BBC Television and other British television broadcasters including ITV and Channel 4. In the channel's early days, it focused on repeats of popular lifestyle shows such as Changing Rooms and Ground Force. BBC America's head of television programming stated that the channel needed to establish a niche, since non-British viewers found the lifestyle shows appealing.

Most of the newer programs appeared as part of BBC America's evening schedule. The network removed the British soap opera EastEnders from its schedule in 2003 due to low ratings. After CEO Paul Lee was appointed president of ABC Family in 2009, the network appointed Bill Hilary from Comedy Central to serve as its chief executive officer. Hilary appointed Kathryn Mitchell to the new position of general manager. Under Hilary's tenure, BBC America was restructured; the channel was led by Garth Ancier, who served as the president of BBC Worldwide Americas from February 2007 until 2010, when he was succeeded by former MTV Networks executive Herb Scannell. Meanwhile, Perry Simon serves as general manager. In 2014, AMC Networks acquired a 49.9% equity stake in BBC America for $200 million, replaced Discovery Communications as its management partner. As part of the deal, AMC Networks took on the responsibility of negotiating U. S. broadcast and advertising sales for the BBC World News channel. AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan stated that the deal gave his company "a powerful collection of networks that are among the most critically acclaimed, with distinct dramas and other potent content that creates a deep connection with viewers", while BBC Worldwide CEO Tim Davie considered it "an opportunity to grow the creative quality and ambition from an high base."AMC Networks is a partner in BritBox, an over-the-top subscription service focused on British television, operated by BBC Studios and ITV plc.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Doctor Who The Graham Norton Show Monty Python's Flying Circus Star Trek Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Trek: VoyagerSome of the programs on the channel are edited either for adult content or to allow for commercials. Comedy shows are run in specially formatted 40-minute blocks and a few first-run drama programs are broadcast in a longer block that allows them to run to their original broadcast length. Additional series that have been broadcast may periodically return to the schedule as part of the network's rotation of daytime programming. In the mid-2000s, BBC America produced a few of its own shows along with some joint productions, including Sharpe's Challenge, part of the Sharpe series of made-for-television movies and co-produced with ITV; the first original series produced by the channel was Copper, which premiered in the summer of 2012. BBC America has branched into co-producing British series, including Robin Hood, The Musketeers, Killing Eve, from its fourth series, the revival of Doctor Who.

They co-produce the Canadian series Orphan Black. BBC America used to broadcast BBC World News each Monday through Friday morning from 6:00 to 8:00 am Eastern and Pacific Time. All news programs now air on the BBC World News channel distributed by AMC Networks in the United States; the weekday morning simulcast used to include BBC World News bulletins, World Business Report, Sport Today, Asia Today, a one-hour bulletin called World News Today. Most of these were removed from the schedule without any announcement on April 6, 2009; the weekend morning simulcast was abruptly dropped on April 4, 2009. According to BBC America, the simulcast was dropped because of disappointing ratings. From 2007 to 2011, BBC America broadcast BBC World News America, a live Washington, DC–based program anchored by Matt Frei. Katty Kay served as a Washington-based correspondent. On February 18, 2011, network management announced that BBC World News America would be dropped from BBC America and would instead be broadcasting only on the BBC World News channel and PBS member stations in the United States.

The network was in discussions to unveil a weekly news program fronted by Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman, to introduce a synopsis of Newsnight items with an international aspect and was expected to bring his brash interviewing style to bear on American politicians. An international edition of Newsnight debuted on February 2008, in the 10-pm time slot; this program was cancelled in November 2008, but the announcement of the program's cancellation was not made until April 2009. During major breaking news events, the network sometimes repla

Loon Lake, Saskatchewan

Loon Lake is a farming and resort village within the Rural Municipality of Loon Lake No. 561 in the boreal forest of northwestern Saskatchewan, Canada. The population was 288 in the 2016 Canada Census, with an additional 400 in the farming communities nearby; the Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation reserve is to the east of the village and has a population of about 800 people. The village is located on Highway 26 northeast of the city of Lloydminster. In the summer time, there are an additional 1500 people at the 200 lake cottages and the 300 provincial park campsites. Steele Narrows is about 15 kilometers north west of Loon Lake. Steele Narrows is the site of the last battle of the North West Rebellion; the battle was fought on June 3, 1885 and resulted in the defeat of the Cree First Nations band government which ended the rebellion. Loon Lake has a 9-hole grass greens golf course with a licensed dining area, and seven fresh water lakes within 5 miles of the town. The town offers postal, gas, banking services.

There are two resorts - Pine Cove and Makwa Lake that offer rental cabins. There is big game hunting every fall within 10 miles with a variety of outfitters, it has a scenic bible camp nearby called Silver Birch Bible Camp. There is Makwa Lake Provincial Park 5 km West; the community is accessed by Highway 26 List of communities in Saskatchewan List of villages in Saskatchewan Village of Loon Lake Makwa Lake Provincial Park

Dinny Lanigan

Denis Lanigan was an Irish hurler who played as a left wing-back for the Limerick senior team. Born in Gortnahoe, County Tipperary, Lanigan first arrived on the inter-county scene at the age of twenty-two when he first linked up with the Limerick senior team, he made his senior debut in the 1916 Thomond Feis. Lanigan went on to play a key part for Limerick during a golden age for the team, won two All-Ireland medals and three Munster medals, he was an All-Ireland runner-up on one occasion. At club level Lanigan won five championship medals with Young Irelands, his retirement came following the conclusion of the 1926 championship. In retirement from playing, Lanigan became involved in the administrative affairs of the Gaelic Athletic Association, he served as secretary of the Limerick County Board as well as vice-president of the Munster Council. Lanigan served as an inter-county referee. Young IrelandsLimerick Senior Hurling Championship: 1920, 1922, 1928, 1930, 1932LimerickAll-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship: 1918, 1921 Munster Senior Hurling Championship: 1918, 1921, 1923

Leon Janney

Leon Janney was an American actor and radio personality from 1920 to 1980. Born Leon Ramon in Ogden, Janney made his first theatrical appearance at age two before an audience at the Pantages Theatre in his hometown, he spent some years in vaudeville, made his first appearance on radio in 1926, making the leap to legitimate theater soon after. His movie debut came. While he was working with some of Hollywood's greatest, he used the opportunity to study the actors, ask for advice at every chance he could, he appeared in a string of movies portraying the boyhood incarnations of actors such as Ricardo Cortez, Reginald Denny, Conrad Nagel. Producer Hal Roach took notice of Janney and hired him to appear in the Our Gang comedy Bear Shooters as "Spud". However, Roach realized that he was too old to gel with the other members of the gang, Bear Shooters marked his only appearance as a Little Rascal. In 1931 he starred in the second film adaptation of Sam. By the mid-1930s, Janney was considered the quintessential male juvenile star, was earning more than $100,000 a year.

As he entered his teenage years, he realised that everywhere he went he would be recognized and surrounded by fans, something he did not care for. He turned to radio and worked on the series The Parker Family, playing all-American boy Richard Parker. Although his true love was theater work, he used his radio work to become a master dialectician. Janney was a master of using convincing foreign accents, more so at adapting regional dialects of the United States. After serving in World War II as a translator, he continued working in theater. Janney was blacklisted in films in the 1950s due to the "red scare" — ironic, since the Army drafted him because he could speak fluent Russian, he had learned this talent so his accents would sound authentic on radio shows, he continued to work due to his preference for theatrical work, appearing in such plays as The School for Scandal and The Gazebo. In the early 1940s, he starred in his own radio series, The Adventures of Dick Cole an action and adventure show aimed at pre-teen boys.

Most of the episodes listened to on the internet. He co-starred in "The Adventures of Charlie Chan" available on the web. Janney appeared in dozens of other radio series as well, including some of the most popular and longest running, such as the critically acclaimed dramatic series Suspense – 900 episodes are known to exist, which can be found and heard on the internet. Other examples include: The Mysterious Traveler, he appeared in several episodes of X Minus One. Janney played multiple roles, using his extraordinary ability to alter his voice; this talent was used in CBS radio's successful radio drama "revival" series, CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Janney starred in at least 80 episodes, he made countless uncredited appearances too, until his death in 1980. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s Janney did voice-overs for hundreds of television commercials and PSAs. Janney appeared in bit roles on such television shows as Car 54, Where Are You?, The Defenders and The Jackie Gleason Show. He made his first film appearance in more than a decade, playing a sympathetic guard in The Last Mile.

He was the spokesman for the New York Mets in their Rheingold Beer commercials for the team's first two seasons. In his final years, he was a regular on television shows, Another World, The Edge of Night, his last film was Charly with Cliff Robertson and Dina Merrill in 1968. In the same year he played Ed Gorton on six episodes of the Burt Reynolds detective TV series Hawk. Janney died of cancer on October 28, 1980, in Mexico. John Holmstrom, The Moving Picture Boy: An International Encyclopaedia from 1895 to 1995, Michael Russell, 1996, p. 76. Leon Janney on IMDb Leon Janney at AllMovie

New Norfolk

New Norfolk is a town on the Derwent River, in the south-east of Tasmania, Australia. At the 2011 census, New Norfolk had a population of 5,543. Situated 32 kilometres north-west of Hobart on the Lyell Highway, New Norfolk is a modern Australian regional centre which retains evidence of its pioneer heritage. Two examples of this heritage are Tasmania's oldest Anglican church, St. Matthews and one of Australia's oldest hotels, The Bush Inn, trading continuously in the same building since issue of the first licence on 29 September 1825. Many private homes from the 1808 to the early 1820s have survived, such as Glen Derwent, Stanton and Woodbridge. 163 of the pioneers who settled around the town were from the 554 folk resettled when the first Norfolk Island settlement was closed, most arriving during the period between 29 November 1807 and 2 October 1808. These Norfolk Islanders were farming families, who were offered land grants in Tasmania as compensation for their relocation; the climate was colder than sub-tropical Norfolk Island, which proved a challenge for the hardy pioneers during the first few years, but the district became self-supporting.

In 1825 the original name of the town, Elizabeth Town, was changed to New Norfolk in honour of their former home. Many founding folk were "First Fleeters", transferred from Sydney to Norfolk Island when it was settled just a few weeks after Sydney. Ten First Fleeters are buried in the Methodist Chapel at New Norfolk. Notable is Betty King, née Elizabeth Thackery, a first fleet convict girl who married at New Norfolk on 28 January 1810; the headstone on Betty's well-tended grave reads, "The first white woman to set foot in Australia" from the First Fleet at Sydney Cove. She is believed to be the last surviving First Fleeter, male or female, when she died at 89 years of age on 7 August 1856, her husband was Marine Private Samuel King of the First Marine Regiment, another First Fleeter who arrived aboard the warship "Sirius". Sam King was the last male "First Fleeter" to survive until 21 October 1849. Nine other First Fleeters were Ellen Guy, James Bryan Cullen, William Dempsey, William Edmunds, William Foyle, Abraham Hand, Stephen Martin, John Ruglass, Edward Westlake.

The pioneers were successful farmers of the rich land around the town. Cattle and sheep were predominant, with some cropping as land was cleared. Hop plants were introduced in 1846, became an important crop. A number of hop drying kilns or oast houses remain in the area including those at Glen Derwent and Valleyfield; the first road connecting the town to Hobart was built in 1818. On 19 April 1827, Governor George Arthur issued an order to create the Willow Court infirmary known as Lachlan Park and most the Royal Derwent Hospital, as an asylum to accept sick and invalid convicts from Hobart and outstations. Willow Court is now a large antiques centre; the New Norfolk Post Office opened on 1 June 1832. For some years after 1848, New Norfolk was the place of exile of the Irish nationalist leader Terence MacManus, his cottage "Kilburn Grange" still stands. He was joined by his fellow Irish rebel, William Smith O'Brien, who lived at Elwin's Hotel. In 1887, the railway, now preserved as the Derwent Valley Railway, was built.

In 1888, Australia's first telephone trunk call was connected from Hobart to the Bush Inn Hotel in New Norfolk. During the 1940s, a newsprint mill was established at nearby Boyer, boosting industry in the local area. New Norfolk is located on the Lyell Highway the main east-west highway in the southern half of the state, running from Hobart to Strahan on the west coast, it is in fact the only major east-west road in the southern half of Tasmania. A rail link was opened in 1887 but was closed in 1995 when floods and declining usage made repairs uneconomic; the line has been used for tourist trips by the Derwent Valley Railway but this has not been possible since 2005 due to lack of support for track maintenance. New Norfolk is 55 kilometres from Hobart International Airport. New Norfolk is a central location for tourism in the upper Derwent Valley and near the tourist attractions of Mount Field, Lake Pedder, Gordon Dam hydroelectric site, the South West Wilderness; the Tourist Information Centre staffed by volunteers is located in Circle Street next to the Council Chambers at the top end of High Street.

In 2013 Martin Cash Pizza was voted best pizza maker in Tasmania. Many of the historical farm house mansions, such as Glen Derwent and Tynwald, operate as bed and breakfast accommodation, tea rooms and wedding venues; the 1825 Heritage-listed Woodbridge on the Derwent, on the river next to the bridge, operates as a small luxury hotel, is presently one of more than 10 5-star hotels in Tasmania, although the building is located only 6 metres from a major highway carrying log trucks 24 hours a day. It draws a clientele from all over the world, it has a interesting history. Built by hand by convicts for Captain Roadknight, the first Constable of the Elizabeth Town, it was owned by William Sharland, assistant surveyor of Tasmania, his descendants. William Sharland constructed the wooden bridge across the Derwent next to Woodbridge - this was the first bridge across the Derwent, the original Tollhouse still stands today. By the 1950s, Woodbridge was derelict, was converted into 7 flats. Again, by 2003, it was again derelict, It was restored between 2003 and 2005.

The restoration won the 2005 Tasmanian Restoration of the Year Award, the 2006 Australian Restoration of the Year Award The building is unique in that it was built in the prevailing

Adi Ulmansky

Adi Ulmansky is a rapper and music producer from Jerusalem, Israel. Since 2007 Adi Ulmansky has made several TV appearances and released several music videos to Israeli music TV channel Music 24 and MTV Israel, including collaborations with leading directors like Vania Heymann. Adi released her debut solo mixtape'Shit Just Got Real' in January 2013 and her following solo EP'Hurricane Girl' in August 2013. Adi was the founder and leader of the band Lorena B and collaborated with other artists like Johnny Goldstein as well as the producer Borgore with whom she released several high-profile tracks like'Someone Else's' with 1.5 million views on YouTube. She's been focusing on her solo career since late 2012, getting a lot of worldwide online and printed press coverage from Vice, The Guardian, Jay-Z's Life + Times, The Independent, leading local press like Yedioth Ahronoth and Haaretz newspapers to fashion coverage like Topshop Inside-Out official blog and blog and mobile app, many more.

Her latest single and music video'Falling' has premiered on Vice's'You Need To Hear This' section as well as getting into the playlists of popular radio stations in Israel - Galgalatz, IBA's 88FM and others. In 2012, Adi was selected by American Express for their The Young Professionals project as the only musician from a group of 9 leading young individuals in Israel; the project accompanied the re-launching of American Express BLUE card in Israel and was a collaboration with the band TYP, Keshet TV's Mako and Timeout Tel Aviv. In June 2014, Adi performed at Glastonbury Festival. In October 2015, ADI released "Pink Pillz" In August 2016, ADI released "Higher" featuring rapper Curtis Williams In November 2016, ADI released "Dreamin'" featuring rapper KDC, The main song off her new EP by the same name On 9 December 2016, ADI released her EP, Dreamin' On 15 October 2018, ADI released her debut album, BAD INTENTIONS. Shit Just Got Real mixtape Hurricane Girl EP DREAMIN' EP BAD INTENTIONS Siblings Lorena B EP The Johnny Show - Lishkoah Meakol Ft. Adi Ulmansky Gorestep: Vol. 1.1 - 5 Years VIP Ft. Adi Ulmansky Borgore Ruined Dubstep, Pt. 2 - Broken Rulz feat.

Adi Ulmansky Delicious EP - Someone Else's' Turn Up EP - Why Does It Feel Borgore feat. Adi Ulmansky Legend EP - Kill Them All Adi Ulmansky's visual style varies with each collaboration and video production. Official website Adi Ulmansky discography at MusicBrainz