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BEM Bordeaux Management School (Now KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL)
Co Branding logo - KEDGE Business School
MottoBEM, a new way of teaching responsible management
TypeBusiness School (École consulaire)
Students2,700 (in 2010)
44°47′46″N 0°36′06″W / 44.796173°N 0.601566°W / 44.796173; -0.601566

BEM - Bordeaux Management School (Now KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL) is the legal name of a French Grande École founded in 1874,[2] managed and financed by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce. The Master of Science in Management programme is also known as "École Supérieure de Commerce de Bordeaux" or "ESC Bordeaux".

BEM is a member of the Chapitre de la Conference des Grandes Écoles, which is the association of France's leading schools.

BEM is based in Talence near Bordeaux. BEM is a member of the "campus d'excellence (IDEX)", "Université de Bordeaux", an élite research federation. In 2008, BEM opened new campuses in Dakar and Paris.

BEM Talents is the name of their alumni society.[3]

BEM and Euromed have now merged as KEDGE, which is the third French business school in terms of budget and second for research.[4] [5] [6]


  • 1873 : Foundation of École supérieure de commerce de Bordeaux
  • 2000 : Equis accreditation
  • 2001 : Wine MBA
  • 2004 : The school was chosen by ONU and EFMD for the "Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative" launch[2]
  • 2007 : AMBA accreditation (Wine MBA)
  • 2007 : Bordeaux École de Management becomes BEM - Bordeaux Management School
  • 2008 : BEM Dakar Campus in Sénégal
  • 2008 : BEM Paris Campus
  • 2009 : AACSB Accreditation
  • 2013 : Merger with EUROMED Management School, Marseille to form KEDGE Business School


As an EQUIS + AMBA + AACSB school, BEM is a "Triple Crown"; only 12 schools have this triple accreditation in France, and 57 in the world (as on 1/1/2012).[7]

Partnerships & Doubles-degrees[edit]

* Business Partnerships[edit]

JP Morgan, Société Générale, Auchan, Pricewaterhousecoopers, Procter & Gamble, Ernst & Young, L'Oréal, BNP Parisbas...[8]

Academic Partnerships[edit]

BEM is a member of the PRES Université de Bordeaux which gathers Sciences Po Bordeaux, the National Magistrates School (ENM), Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux and most Bordeaux universities.

The Université de Bordeaux has been selected by the French government to become an IDEX campus, a "campus lauréat des initiatives d'excellence", which are going to be top-funded campuses in France; the aim of these "IDEX" is to compete with the best American universities.[9]

BEM Grande Ecole students can complete a double-degree from either an international partner university or from Bordeaux's Bar School, they also have the possibility to be awarded the "DSCG", the main French accountancy diploma.

La plupart sont accréditées (EQUIS, AACSB et AMBA).[10]

Universités partenaires de BEM dans le monde (2008)
Country Institution in partnership with BEM Bordeaux Accreditation
 Argentina Universidad Belgrano - Buenos Aires
 Australia University of South Australia - Adelaide EQUIS
 Australia Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - Melbourne
 Australia University of La Trobe - Melbourne EPAS
 Australia University of Technology - Sydney AACSB
 Austria Karl-Franzens Universität - Graz
 Austria Wirtschafts Universität - Vienna EQUIS
 Belgium Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management EQUIS - AMBA
 Brazil Universidad São Paulo
 Canada HEC - Montréal EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA
 Canada Queens School of Business - Kingston EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA
 Canada University of Laval - Québec AACSB - EQUIS
 Canada University of Manitoba - Winnipeg AACSB
 Canada University of Ottawa EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA
 Canada Sauder Business School / U B C - Vancouver EQUIS - AACSB
 Chile Universidad de Chile - Santiago AMBA
 Hong Kong Hong Kong Baptist University AACSB
 Hong Kong Hong Kong University of Science & Technology EQUIS - AACSB
 China Huazhong University of Science & Technology - Wuhan
 Hong Kong HKU Space
 China Macau University
 China Shanghai University of Finance & Economics
 China Tongji University - Shanghai AMBA
 China University Of International Business and Economics - Pekin
 China Wuhan University of Technology
 Colombia Universidad Los Andes - Bogota EQUIS - AMBA - AACSB
 Costa Rica INCAE Business School - Alajuela EQUIS - AACSB
 Denmark University of Aalborg - Aalborg
 Denmark Copenhagen Business School EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA
 Estonia Estonian Business School - Tallinn
 Finland Aalto University School of Economic - Helsinki EQUIS - AMBA - AACSB
 Finland Tampere University of Applied Sciences
 Finland Hanken School of Economics - Helsinki EQUIS - AMBA
 Germany WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management - Coblence/Vallendar EQUIS - AACSB
 Germany European Business School - Francfort EQUIS
 Germany PFH - Göttingen
 Germany Hamburg Universität
 Germany Mannheim Universität EQUIS - AMBA - AACSB
 Germany Technische Universität München
 Germany Passau Universität
 Great Britain Cardiff University Business School
 Great Britain Oxford Brookes University AMBA - EPAS
 Great Britain University of Aston, Aston Business School EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA
 Great Britain University of Essex
 Great Britain University of Hull EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA
 Great Britain University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield EPAS
 Great Britain University of Liverpool AMBA
 Great Britain University of Nottingham EQUIS - AMBA
 Great Britain University of Newcastle EQUIS - AMBA - EPAS
 Great Britain University of Sheffield EQUIS - AMBA
 Great Britain University of Staffordshire - Stafford
 Great Britain University of Strathclyde - Glasgow EQUIS - AMBA - AACSB
 Great Britain University of Wales Newport
 Great Britain University of Winchester
 Greece Athens Laboratory of Business Administration - Athènes AMBA - EPAS
 Greece Athens University of Economics & Business - Athènes AMBA
 Hungary Corvinus University of Budapest EPAS
 India Birla Institute of Management Technology - New Delhi
 India Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore EQUIS
 India Indian Institute of Management - Calcutta
 India Indian Institute of Management - Indore AMBA
 India Indian Institute of Management - Kozhikode AMBA
 India Loyola Institute of Business Administration - Madras
 India SP Jain Management and Research Institute- Bombay AMBA
 India XLRI, School of Business and Human Resources - Jamshedpur
 Indonesia PPM Institute of Management - Jakarta
 Ireland University College Dublin EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA
 Ireland Dublin City University AMBA - EPAS
 Italy Libero Institute Universita Cattanéo - Castellanza
 Italy University of Trieste - Trieste
 Italy Seconda Universita degli studi di Napoli, Naples
 Japan Seinan Gakuin University - Fukuoka
 Kuwait Koweit University, College of Business Administration AACSB
Lebanon Notre Dame University - Beyrouth
 Malaysia Asian Institute of Medecine, Science and Technology, Bedong
 Morocco École Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion (ENCG), Settat
 Mexico Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico ITAM, Mexico EQUIS - AACSB
 Mexico Tecnologico de Monterrey - Cuernavaca campus
 Mexico Tecnologico de Monterrey - Estado de Mexico
 Mexico Tecnologico de Monterrey - Guadalaraja campus
 Mexico Tecnologico de Monterrey - Monterrey campus EQUIS - AACSB - AMBA
 Mexico Tecnologico de Monterrey - Ciudad de Mexico campus
 New Zealand Auckland University of Technology - Auckland AACSB
 Norway BI Norwegian School of Management - Oslo EQUIS
 Netherlands Grônigen University AACSB
 Peru Universidad del Pacifico - Lima AACSB - AMBA
 Philippines Ateneo de Manila University - Manille
 Poland Warsaw School of Economics EPAS
 Portugal ISCTE Business School - Lisbonne AMBA
 Singapore Singapore Management University EQUIS - AACSB
 Slovenia University of Lubjana EQUIS - AACSB
 South Africa University of Stellenbosch School - Cape Town EQUIS - AMBA
 South Korea SungKyunKwan University - Séoul AACSB
 South Korea Yonsei University - Seoul AACSB
 Spain Universidad Carlos III - Madrid
 Spain Universidad Pontifica Comillas - Madrid
 Spain Universidad Rey Juan Carlos - Madrid
 Spain Universidad Navarra - Pampelune
 Spain Universidad Salamanca
 Spain Universidad Deusto
 Spain Universidad Valladolid
 Spain Fundesem Business School, Alicante
 Sweden Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) EPAS
 Sweden Stockholm School of Economics EQUIS
 Sweden University of Gothenburg EQUIS
 Sweden University of Gotland
 Sweden University of Lund EQUIS
 Sweden University of Uppsala
  Switzerland University of St Gall EQUIS - AACSB
  Switzerland Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterthur
 Thailand College of Management Mahidol University - Bangkok
 Taiwan National Chengchi University, Taipei EQUIS - AACSB
 Taiwan Fujen Catholic University, College of Law & Management - Taipei AACSB
 Turkey Koç University - Istanbul EQUIS
 Uruguay Universidad de Montevideo
 USA Sonoma State University AACSB
 USA University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL AACSB
 USA University of Clarkson - Potsdam, New-York AACSB
 USA University of Louisville, KY AACSB
 USA University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management - Minneapolis, MN AACSB
 USA University of Tennessee, College of Business Administration - Knoxville, TN AACSB
 USA University of San Diego - CA AACSB
 USA University of Willamette, Atkinson Graduate School of Management - Salem, OR AACSB
 USA University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, WI AACSB
 USA Wake Forest University, Babcock Graduate School of Management - Winstom Salem, NC AACSB
 USA Wake Forest University, Wayne Calloway School of Business and Accounting - Winstom Salem, NC AACSB
 USA Western Washington University - Bellingham, WA AACSB
 USA Xavier University - Cincinnati, Ohio AACSB
 Venezuela IESA - Caracas AACSB - AMBA - EQUIS

* International Relations[edit]

BEM Grande Ecole Students have to complete a 6-month international experience through an internship or study abroad, they can study for a semester/year or a double-degree (MA, MSc or MBA) at a partner university, for instance at HEC Montréal, EBS Business School, Mannheim Business School, Stockholm School of Economics, Nottingham Business School, Laval, Hong Kong University and the highly prestigious Swiss university of Saint-Gallen. Most of them are accredited (EQUIS, AACSB et AMBA) and are highly ranked institutions.[11]

Universités partenaires de BEM dans le monde (2008)


Former French Prime Minister Alain Juppé, who is the current Mayor of Bordeaux, has signed Bordeaux's Call for Responsible Management.

Student life[edit]

More than 30 clubs (sports, culture,...).[12] "AOC" is France's biggest student-run oenologic club. It organises visits to the greatest vineyards (Château Rothschild, Château d'Yquem,... ), wine-tasting sessions and the "Wine Rally".[13]

Evolution of KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL[edit]

In the year 2013, BEM joined hands with EUROMED Management School to form KEDGE Business School as a Merger of Equals; the thus formed merger will have its central administration at BEM campus in Bordeaux.

Notable alumni[edit]

Bordeaux Management School has an active network of 20,000 members.[14] According to the number of notable alumni, it is the eighth most powerful network in France among French business schools.[15]


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