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1927–30 Central European International Cup

The 1927–30 Central European International Cup was the first edition of the Central European International Cup and was held between September 18, 1927 and May 11, 1930. The tournament's structure included a round-robin competition for the five teams involved; as the winner was to receive a Bohemian crystal cup offered by Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia Antonín Švehla, the tournament became known as the Antonín Švehla Cup. Sessions of the organizing committee took place on March 9, 1930 in Trieste and on March 11, 1930 in Budapest; the committee was composed by M. Ferretti, president M. Fischer, vice-president Hugo Meisl, secretary Giovanni Mauro, technical expert The tournament began on September 18, 1927 with the match Czechoslovakia-Austria, which ended 2–0; the following week, Austria was defeated once more in Budapest, with a score of 5–3. On October 23, in Prague, Italy's match against Czechoslovakia ended with a 2–2 draw; the last game of 1927 took place in Bologna between Italy and Austria, won 1–0 by Austria.

The Austrian team complained in this occasion that the referee seemed not sufficiently impartial or fair. 1928 opened with Italy's victory against Switzerland on January 1 in Genoa and on March 25 in Rome, Italy succeeded in beating Hungary for the first time in history. Each player on the Italian team was awarded a prize of 24,000. On April 1, in Vienna, Austria lost 0–1 against Czechoslovakia. After a break to allow Switzerland and Italy to participate in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, the tournament resumed in the fall: Italy beat Switzerland; the year ended with the victory of Hungary on Switzerland, on November 1, 3–1. On March 3, 1929 Italy beat Czechoslovakia 4–2, losing 3–0 to the Austrians a month on April 7, in Vienna. On April 14 Hungary beats Switzerland 5–4, the Swiss team surrenders again to the Czechs on 5 May; the two winning teams draw in the match held in Prague on September 8. On October 6, Czechoslovakia beats Switzerland 5–0, the Swiss's annus horribilis continues with a loss to Austria on October 27, on Bern's home turf.

At year end, with Switzerland last after losing all eight games played and Czechoslovakia are tied with 10 points at the head of the tournament, followed by Italy and Hungary with 9 points each. The only game scheduled for 1930 was between Italy; the match was played on May 11, 1930 in Budapest, it is reported that Italy's trainer, Vittorio Pozzo brought his players to visit World War I battlefields before playing the last and decisive game of the tournament wishing to bring back memories of their own participation, just 13 years earlier, in the fight against Austro-Hungarian soldiers. The team's crushing victory brought Italy the first edition of the cup


Proformica is a genus of ants in the subfamily Formicinae. The genus is known from Mongolia through Central Asia to Spain. Colonies are small containing a few hundred individuals, with a single queen or multiple ergatogyne queens. Unique in the tribe Formicini, some species have specialized workers gorged with food. Four species are host to obligate slave-making ants in the genus Rossomyrmex, with each species forming a coevolving pair: Rossomyrmex proformicarum–Proformica epinotalis Rossomyrmex quandratinodum–Proformica sp. Rossomyrmex anatolicus–Proformica korbi Rossomyrmex minuchae–Proformica longiseta Rossomyrmex, genus of ant that parasitizes Proformica species Media related to Proformica at Wikimedia Commons

334th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron

The 334th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadrons was an aviation squadron of Yugoslav Air Force formed in 1978 at Mostar airfield as 3rd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron of 107th Helicopter Regiment. The 3rd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron of 107th Helicopter Regiment was equipped with domestic made G-2 Galeb trainer-light attack jet aircraft. In 1979 the squadron has been transformed into 1st Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron of Center for training of foreign armed forces pilots. Main task of squadron was training of Libyan Air Force pilots. With the center being disbanded in 1988, squadron has been attached again to 107th Aviation Regiment and renamed in to 334th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadrons. Main task of 334th Squadron was training of cadets of School of Reserve Officers. In 1990 334th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron ceased to exist due it was disbanded by "Jedinstvo 2" reorganization. 107th Helicopter Regiment Center for training of foreign armed forces pilots 107th Aviation Regiment 3rd Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron of 107th Helicopter Regiment 1st Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron 334th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Squadron G-2 Galeb

Madson (footballer, born 1991)

Madson Henrique Nascimento Santos known as Madson, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Greek club Atromitos. Madson started his career in his home country, where he played for Paulista FC and Atlético Goianiense. In 2013, he was transferred to the Romanian squad FC Vaslui. On 8 July 2017 he moved to the Greek Superleague joining Atromitos on a two-year contract. On 14 October 2017 he scored his first goal with a stunning long shot in a 1-0 home win against Asteras Tripoli; as a result of his great performances and the attraction of interest from other teams the administration of the Greek club extended his contract until the summer of 2020. The deal includes a buy-out clause of €1,000,000. On 28 November 2017 he scored in an emphatic 4-0 away win against Sparti for the Greek Cup, securing his team's position to the round of 16; as of 9 July 2019 Profile at Madson at Sambafoot

Mahmoodpur Mazara

Mahmoodpur Mazara is a small village located in Morna block of Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh. The main occupation of the people is farming. Mahmoodpur mazara people are using its national currency, Indian rupee and follows Indian Standard Time. Mahmoodpur Mazara is famous for Colocasia. There is a van vibhag plant nursery in the village; the main sport in the village are cricket and volleyball. The area of the village is 0.138 sq. km and Perimeter is 1.758 km. There are total 167 families residing in the village; the Mahmoodpur Mazara village has population of 927 of which 491 are males while 436 are females in 2011. The village population of children with age 0-6 is 100 which makes up 10.79 % of total population of village. Number of female per 1000 male is 888 in the village; the main Religion in the village is Hindu and about 60 % of population are Jat. The main gotra in the village is TOMAR Duhan and Harijan. Mahmoodpur Mazara literacy rate was 76.18 % in 2011. In village male literacy rate 86.27 % while female literacy rate was 64.87 % in 2011.

The native Language of Mahmoodpur mazara is Hindi. There is a prathmik vidyalaya government school in the village and nearest schools are Janta inter college and Indraprasth public school; the surrounding nearby villages and its distance from Mahmoodpur Mazara are Dhiraheri 1.5 km, Nirgajni 2.9 km, Rahmatpur 4.3 km, Bhopa 2.5 km The nearest post office is Bhopa and nearert railway station to Mahmoodpur mazara is Muzaffarnagar railway station, located around 20.1 kilometer. The surrounding state capital is Delhi 120.4 km and nearest airport is Meerut Airport situated at 69.1 km distance