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Bachelor's degree or higher

Bachelor's degree or higher is a used term by the United States Census Bureau and other U. S. government agencies on the federal as well as state and local level. The term describes the portion of the population that has either a bachelor's degree or a higher degree such as a master's or doctorate degree. In 2017, 33.4% of the population over 25 years old in the United States had a bachelor's degree or higher. The term is sometimes used as a synonym for "college graduate" as it includes not only those with a bachelor's degree but all others who have completed a degree requiring more than four years of credits. While the term is sometimes used interchangeably with the term college graduate, it excludes those with an associate degree, as this college degree only requires two years' worth of units and is thus lower than bachelor's degree. Educational attainment in the United States Education in the United States Academic degree Associates degree Bachelor's degree Master's degree Doctorate degree

Harvard Crimson men's squash

The Harvard Crimson men's squash team is the intercollegiate men's squash team for Harvard University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The team competes in the Ivy League within the College Squash Association, it is the second oldest squash team in the country, only after Yale. The university first fielded a team under the leadership of head coach Harry Cowles. Harvard squash is arguably the most prestigious program in the country, with 41 national titles since 1942; the current head coach is Mike Way. The assistant coaches are Luke Hammond and Hameed Ahmed, while the strength and conditioning coach is Beth Zeitlin. 2014 National Champion Updated February 2020. Updated February 2020. Notable alumni include: Siddharth Suchde'07, Highest world ranking of 39, 4x All-American and 4x All-Ivy, 2007 Individual National Champion Ali Farag'14, Current world no. 1, 12 PSA titles, 3x All-American and 3x All-Ivy, 2012 and 2014 Individual National Champion, 2018 World Champion, degree in mechanical engineering Official website

José Valdez (baseball, born 1983)

Jose Guerrero Valdez is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher. He played in Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros in 2011 and 2012. Valdez was signed by the New York Yankees as an international free agent in 2000, he was placed on the 40-man roster. On October 18, 2011, he declared for free agency. However, he signed a minor league contract with the team on October 24. Valdez signed a minor league deal with the Boston Red Sox in January 2014, playing in their farm system that season. After spending 2015 in the Mexican League, he did not play professionally in 2016. Having signed with them in 2017, he plays for the Toros del Este of the Dominican Winter League. Career statistics and player information from MLB, or ESPN, or Baseball-Reference, or Fangraphs, or Baseball-Reference


ILGA-Europe is the European region of the International Lesbian, Bisexual and Intersex Association. It is an advocacy group promoting the interests of lesbian, bisexual and intersex people, at the European level, its membership comprises more than 500 organisations from throughout Central Asia. The Association enjoys consultative status at Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and participatory status at the Council of Europe. ILGA-Europe was founded in 1996, when its parent organisation, the International Lesbian, Bisexual and Intersex Association, established separate regions, it took over responsibility for supporting the development of the LGBT movement in Europe including Transgender Europe, Inter-LGBT, for relationships with the European Union, Council of Europe and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe. ILGA-Europe worked on the basis of volunteer resources. However, in 2001, its potential contribution to the European Union's anti-discrimination policies was recognised through the provision of core funding through the PROGRESS Programme.

This enabled ILGA-Europe to set up an office in Brussels, to recruit permanent staff, to conduct an extensive programme of work in relation to sexual orientation discrimination within the EU Member States and the accession countries. Financial support from the Sigrid Rausing Trust, the Open Society Institute, Freedom House, the US State Department and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Netherlands allows ILGA-Europe to extend its work in areas not covered by EU funding, including Eastern Europe and Central Asia, on transgender issues. ILGA-Europe has hosted its annual conference at the end of October, since 2000, where member organisations elect the Executive Board and decide on the next year's working priorities. 2000 – Bucharest, theme Accepting Diversity 2001 – Rotterdam, theme Creating Partnership 2002 – Lisbon, theme Recognising Diversity, Promoting Equality 2003 – Glasgow, United Kingdom, theme Policy into Practice – making LGBT equality happen 2004 – Budapest, theme Coming out to the EU 2005 – Paris, France 2006 – Sofia, theme We are Family – Our families in Europe and the European family 2007 – Vilnius, theme LGBT Rights are Human Rights – Respect and Responsibilities 2008 – Vienna, theme Think globally, act locally 2009 – Malta, theme Overcoming Religious & Cultural Barriers to LGBT Equality 2010 – The Hague, theme Expressing our differences, challenging our prejudices, developing our alliances 2011 – Turin, theme Human Rights and "Traditional Values": clash or dialogue?

2012 – Dublin, theme Advancing LGBTI equality in challenging economic times 2013 – Zagreb, theme Family matters! Reaching out to hearts and minds 2014 – Rīga, theme MOVEment: Leading Sustainable Change 2015 – Athens, theme Many voices, One movement - Together, mobilised for a just society 2016 - Nicosia, theme Power to the People - Celebrating 20 years of the strength within 2017 - Warsaw, theme Communities mobilising, Movements rising 2018 - Brussels, theme From Words into Action 2019 - Prague, Czech Republic ILGA-Europe works to promote equality and non-discrimination for LGBTI people in asylum, employment, family law, freedom of assembly, hate crime, hate speech and health; the Association provides funding and training for its 500 member organisations, "to maximise efficiency and the use of resources by LGBTI organisations in working towards achievement of their goals. It uses strategic litigation at the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice to end discrimination, by identifying gaps in protections, encouraging organisations and individuals to develop court cases, support such cases with legal resources and amicus curiae briefs.

For the 2014 European Parliament election, ILGA-Europe promoted its Come Out 2014 European Election Pledge to candidate MEPs, which focused on priority LGBTI issues for the 2014–2019 Parliament: an EU roadmap on LGBTI equality. 187 elected MEPs signed the pledge, including 83 members of the PES, 14 ALDE members and 14 from the EPP. Today ILGA-Europe has more than 20 staff who work in four areas: Advocacy, Communications and Administration, Programmes. All are based at the organisation's office in the European Quarter in Brussels; each May, ILGA-Europe releases its Rainbow Europe review, to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. It reviews the human rights situation and assesses what life is like for LGBTI people in every European country, covering discrimination, family recognition, hate speech/crimes, gender recognition, freedom of assembly, association an

Uyuni Municipality

Uyuni Municipality is the first municipal section of the Antonio Quijarro Province in the Potosí Department in Bolivia. Its seat is Uyuni; the municipality lies at the Uyuni salt flat. Some of the highest mountains of the municipality are listed below: Jach'a Punta Jalsuri Janq'u Qullu Kuntur Ikiña Pirwani Sura Chata Warachi Qullu Wila Qullu The municipality consists of the following cantons: Chacala Coroma Huanchaca Pulacayo Uyuni The people are predominantly indigenous citizens of Quechua and Aymara descent. Uyuni Municipality: population data and map


Kripekapura is a remote Indian village in the Gormi tehsil, Bhind district, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is located 77 km north east of Gwalior; the fertile landscape is home to 1286 people, which consist of 688 men, 598 women and 350 children. Kripekapura experiences a wide range of climates from scorching summers during the month of April until month of June followed by the monsoon season bringing relief to the people in July; this is followed by the chilling winter. The village has one government school which runs from grade 1 to 8. Females stop studying after grade 8, as it’s not common for them to travel to the city for further studying. In recent times, some males find government or private employment; some migrate to cities to find labour work. The remaining population, stay to help their families in the farm; the village lifestyle is simple. There is no drinking water is collected from several hand pumps and wells; the village life revolves around farming and tending to livestock, the main form of occupation.

Majority of the population own farm animals which they use only to collect milk. The day begins. Once the sun has risen the people travel to their farms and continue their daily routine which depends on the season; the main crops that they grow on their farms include wheat, barley, millet and some lentils. By midday the heat of the sun in summer prevents further farming; the farmers return home to check on their animals and eat lunch. In the afternoon they return to their farms; as the sun begins to set and there is not much light to be found, both females and males continue to tend to their animals. Only the females take care of cooking dinner as well as other meals in the day. After dinner, the evening consists of the villagers coming together in a common space to share their experiences; the youth hear the traditional folk stories. In order to start their early morning work majority of the population sleep early. Census of India 2011 Other villages around Kripekapura