Bahujan Shakti Party, Nepal

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Bahujan Shakti Party
बहुजन शक्ति पार्टी
President Biswendra Paswan[1]
Ideology Human rights
Social equality[2]
Social justice[3]
Self respect[4]
Constituent Assembly
1 / 601

Bahujan Shakti Party is a political party in Nepal led by Biswendra Paswan.[6] In the 2008 Constituent Assembly election, the party won 1 seat through the Proportional Representation vote.[7]

The party was continuent of the NC-UML alliance.[5] As of 2013, its independent in Constituent Assembly.

Bahujan Shakti Party won 1 seat in 2013 Nepalese Constituent Assembly election.[8]

The Bahujan Shakti Party rejected in September the proposed 2015 Constitution stating that it did not provide rights to 85% of communities (that are marginalised by 15% Highest caste Hindus) in Nepal (Bahujan Samaj of Nepal).[9][10] For ensuring rights to 85% Bahujan Samaj of Nepal in new Constitution of Nepal, Biswendra Paswan sat on Hunger strike.[1] The demands in agendas of his agitation are:[11]

  • Guaranteed 14 percent representation of dalits in every state apparatus
  • 15 per cent representation of the backward community of Nepal
  • 10 per cent of Muslims of Nepal
  • 37 per cent of the representation indigenous nationalities
  • Capital punishment against those convicted guilty in the cases of corruption and rape.

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