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The Banbai are an Indigenous Australian people of New South Wales.


Baanbai, which R. H. Mathews treated as a different language appears on closer analysis, according to W. G. Hoddinott, to have been a dialect of Gumbaiŋgar. if not indeed almost identical to the language spoken by that tribe.[1]


The Banbai were a Northern Tablelands tribe whose lands are estimated by Norman Tindale to have covered some 2,300 square miles (6,000 km2), taking in Ben Lomond, Glencoe, Marowan, Mount Mitchell, and Kookabookra. They were also present along the Boyd River valley.[2]


The Banbai appear to be closely related, as an inland people, to the coastal Gumbaynggirr,[3]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Bahnbi.
  • Ahnbi.
  • Dandi.[2]

Some words[edit]

  • ginggēr (kangaroo)
  • bodyerra (boy)
  • dillanggan (girl)
  • wandyi. (dog)[4]



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