Band Wagon (album)

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Band Wagon
Band Wagon (Shigeru Suzuki album).jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 25, 1975
RecordedOctober 28 – Nov 28, 1974
StudioDifferent Fur in San Francisco and Clover Studio in Hollywood
ProducerShigeru Suzuki
Shigeru Suzuki chronology
Band Wagon

Band Wagon is the 1975 debut solo album of Japanese musician Shigeru Suzuki recorded with musicians from Los Angeles.[1] Two singles were released from the album "The Smell of August"/"Snow Express" and "100-Watt Lover", both in 1975.

Background and recording[edit]

The solo album followed the disbanding of Happy End and formation of Tin Pan Alley with Haruomi Hosono and Masataka Matsutoya. Suzuki's fellow Happy End bandmate Takashi Matsumoto wrote the lyrics to the songs.

The album features American musicians from notable acts such as Little Feat, Santana and Sly and the Family Stone.[2] Suzuki had previously worked with Bill Payne, Dick Hyde and Kirby Johnson on Happy End's final album.

The track "Woman in the Dunes" was named after the novel and 1964 film of the same name.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Takashi Matsumoto; all music composed by Shigeru Suzuki.

Side A
1."Woman in the Dunes" (Suna no On'na (砂の女))3:55
2."Smell of August" (Hachigatsu no Nioi (八月の匂い))3:38
3."Low-fever Boy" (Binetsu Shōnen (微熱少年))3:40
4."Snow Express" (Sunō Ekusupuresu (スノー・エクスプレス), Instrumental)3:51
Side B
5."The Night of Man-powered Aircraft" (Jinryokuhikōki no Yoru (人力飛行機の夜))2:33
6."100-Watts Lover" (100-Watto no Koibito (100ワットの恋人))4:36
7."Wood Pecker" (Uddo Pekkā (ウッド・ペッカー), Instrumental)3:08
8."Sunset Wharf" (Yūyakehatoba (夕焼け波止場))4:45
9."Galaxy Rhapsody" (Ginga Rapusodī (銀河ラプソディー))3:48


According to 2008 re-release CD booklet:


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