Bang the Drum EP

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Bang the Drum
Released 14 August 2004 (2004-08-14)
Recorded 1996 (1996), 1997 (1997)
Genre Rock
Length 13:58
Language English
Label Island Def Jam
Producer Various
INXS chronology
Bang the Drum

Bang the Drum EP is an EP by Australian band INXS. It is an internet-only download exclusive to iTunes.

It was released on 17 August 2004 through record label Island Def Jam, seven years after Michael Hutchence's death. The EP consists of 4 tracks altogether, an unreleased song called "Bang the Drum", a bonus track on the limited edition Elegantly Wasted album that was exclusive to Japan and Australia only called "Let It Ride", the other two are live performances of the song "Elegantly Wasted" and "Don't Change", both performed in Aspen, Colorado, in 1997. The songs were made in the Elegantly Wasted era but the two new songs didn't make the final cut of the album in the end (with exception of "Let It Ride", as it was a bonus track on the limited edition of the album).

The performance of "Elegantly Wasted" at Aspen was included on the INXS DVD, Live in Aspen.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bang the Drum"
  2. "Let It Ride"
  3. "Elegantly Wasted" (live, Aspen 1997)
  4. "Don't Change" (live, Aspen 1997)