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Barra Isles

The Barra Isles known as the Bishop's Isles, are a small archipelago of islands in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. They lie south of the island of Barra; the group consists of nine islands, numerous rocks. In 1427, the Lords of the Isles awarded Lairdship of Barra to Clan MacNeil of Barra. However, following acts of piracy by the MacNeils, king James VI transferred ownership of the southern archipelago to the Bishop of the Isles, hence the islands became known as the Bishop's Isles. Murray writes that they belonged "to the Bishop of the Isles de jure although to MacNeil de facto".. Many of the islands are small. Only the largest island Vatersay, now linked by causeway to Barra, remains inhabited. Berneray, Pabbay and Mingulay have been inhabited in the past; the four smallest islands are Flodday, Lingay and Uineasan. Access to these islands can be arranged with Barra Fishing Charters, who run regular trips to Mingulay from May to September and visit other islands by arrangement; the Barra Isles are featured in several Viking sagas.

In addition to the larger islands thare are various smaller islets and skerries. Biruaslum is a stack to the west of Vatersay, it reaches 72 metres in height and there is a ruined prehistoric fort on the southern side. Francis G. Thompson characterizes it as "high and inaccessible".

The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia

The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia is a documentary that tells the story of Zhora, 78 years old, Knyaz, 77 years old, who were once the most celebrated tightrope dancers in Armenia. The film started its festival life. IDFA 2009, November 18–28, 2009, the Netherlands – Worldwide premiere Goteborg International Film Festival 2010, January 29-February 8, 2010, Göteborg, Sweden – Nordic premiere 8th Gdansk DocFilm Festival, - Special Jury Award 7th Yerevan Golden Apricot International Film Festival, July 11–18, 2010, Armenia – Best Armenian Film 9th Euganea Film Festival, July 9–25, 2010, Italy - Competition Program Saratov sufferings International Documentary Film Festival, September 11–17, 2010, Russia – The Best Cinematography “Russia” Documentary Film Festival, October 1–5, 2010, Russia –Best Feature Length Documentary XIX International Festival of Ethnological Film, October 14–18, 2010, Serbia, Grand Prix FilmFest Hamburg, September 30-October 9, 2010, Germany – Official selection DOK Leipzig 53rd International Film Festival October 18–23, Germany – Official selection 5th Pomegranate Film Festival, October 22–24, Canada – The Best Documentary Listopad International Film Festival, November 5–12, Belarus – The Best Documentary The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia on IMDb - "The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia" Official website - Bars Media Documentary Film Studio Official website "The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia" on PBS

Island Company

Island Company was a wholesale and retail resort clothing brand founded in 2002 by Spencer Antle. As of 2020, the company closed its website; the firm had expanded from a small collection of women’s swimwear to products ranging from men’s and women’s travel apparel, a skin care line and beach and home accessories. When Island Company was started and his girlfriend drove from store to store selling the line of 13 bikinis from their car; when they separated, Antle added a men's line and other new products. The line was soon picked up by destination resort shops in the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons Hotels, starting a transition for Island Company to become a full lifestyle resort brand, beyond just a bikini line. In the economic downturn of 2008, the firm opened 5 retail stores in 18 months, at a time when most other retailers were closing their doors. However, some of those retail locations have since closed. Since the firm was listed in Inc. magazine's Top 5000 fastest growing companies in the U.

S. A, nominated from 2010 to 2015. In October 2014, Island Company filed a lawsuit against Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner for trademark infringement against Island Company’s slogan "Quit your job. Buy a ticket. Get a tan. Fall in love. Never return." The Jenners had created a tee shirt, through their deal with teen surf retailer PacSun, using the phrase "Run away. Fall in love. Never return.” The firm said, the Jenners’ version, “is to cause confusion and deception among consumers.” In January 2015, the parties settled with Island Company receiving an undisclosed sum and Pac Sun removing all remaining product from stores. In July 2013, Island Company filed a lawsuit against Fitch for trademark infringement, it alleged. Buy a ticket. Get a tan. Fall in Love. Never return." Mantra. In mid-December 2015, Island Company filed suit against Cotton On, for their tee shirt “Quit You’r Job, Buy a Ticket, Travel the World, Fall in Love, Repeat.” Island Company called Cotton On’s grammatically challenged slogan “confusingly similar” to its catchphrase.

Island Company asked a federal judge to order Cotton On to destroy the offending garments. A suit was filed on Aug. 31, 2017 in U. S. District Court by Island Company against Free People; the suit alleged that Island Company’s trademark was infringed on by a similar logo “Buy A Ticket, Tune In, Rock Out, Never Return,” used on some merchandise sold by Free People. Island Company had 7 branded retail stores. In June 2015, it was announced that Island Company would be opening a 4,000 square foot store at the Ritz-Carlton in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; the firm sells to over 500 wholesale accounts worldwide. Its products are distributed in the North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe; as of January 2020, all locations have closed and the website is inactive. List of swimwear brands Official website

Robert V. Shannon

Robert V. Shannon is Research Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery and Affiliated Research Professor of Biomedical Engineering at University of Southern California, CA, USA. Shannon investigates the basic mechanisms underlying auditory neural processing by users of cochlear implants, auditory brainstem implants, midbrain implants. Shannon received his B. A. degrees in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in 1971. After obtaining his PhD in Psychology at the University of California, San Diego, CA, USA, in 1975, he completed two postdocs, one at Institute for Perception, Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek, Soesterberg and University of California, Irvine, CA, USA. After faculty positions at University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA, Boys Town National Research Hospital, he served as the director of Department of Auditory Implant and Perception Research, House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, CA, USA, with an affiliated research professor position at Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Shannon has been a founding organizer of Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses. In 1996, Shannon was elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America "for contributions in the psychoelectric study of hearing." In 2007, Shannon served as the President of Association for Research in Otolaryngology, in 2011 he was the Recipient of ARO Award of Merit. As of 2018, Shannon is serving as a Member of Hearing4All Scientific Advisory Board, Board of Directors of Hearing Health Foundation. Shannon has been one of the earlier and main researchers studying the psychophysics of electrical stimulation in cochlear-implant users, laying out the foundations for fundamental limitations and capabilities of sound perception with a cochlear implant. Shannon has expanded his research to include auditory brainstem implants and auditory midbrain implants. A key early contribution was the development of a research interface that could be used by researchers to independently achieve stimulus control in electric stimulation.

In 1995, Shannon and colleagues published a study on perception of speech, manipulated in temporal envelope and fine structure. More using noiseband vocoding, inherent degradations of cochlear-implant speech signal transmission were mimicked by removing most temporal fine structure and limiting envelope information to a small number of spectral channels; this paper showed both the importance of envelop information for speech perception, as well as providing an initial explanation why, in quiet listening environments, cochlear-implant users can perceive speech well, despite those degradations. In a study and colleagues provided early evidence that one of the main limiting factors in speech perception by cochlear-implant users is reduced spectral resolution. What this paper showed was that the limitation in spectral resolution was not caused by the limited number of electrodes, which each delivers distinct spectral information of speech. Instead, it seemed to be caused by an internal factor, channel interactions, a consequence of direct electric stimulation of the auditory nerve.

Shannon has supervised a number of PhD students and postdocs, whose projects lead to a comprehensive exploration of the effects of front-end processing and related parameters of cochlear-implant signal processing and electrode placement on sound and speech perception

Hilary Critchley

Professor Hilary Octavia Dawn Critchley FRSE FRSB FMedSci FFSRH FRCOG FRANZCOG is as of 2014 Professor of Reproductive Medicine and an Honorary Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Edinburgh. She was appointed as the Head of School of Clinical Sciences in August 2012, she has published over 240 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and has appeared at international conferences. Critchley's research focusses on local uterine mechanisms involved in menstruation and implantation, addresses the mechanisms common to those reproductive processes – injury and repair, endocrine–immune interactions and regulation of inflammatory mediators. A particular area of interest has been the local endometrial response to withdrawal of progesterone, both physiological and pharmacological. 2012: Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 2010: Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology 2009: Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences 2005: Fellow of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 1998: Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 1991: Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists 1991: Doctor of Medicine, University of Manchester 1981: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, University of Manchester 1978: Bachelor of Science, University of Manchester

Alfredo Sciarrotta

Alfredo Sciarrotta was an Italian-American silversmith and undersea weapons expert. Sciarrotta's work is characterized by a sleek and simple style, many of his smaller pieces feature his signature leaf-shape designs. During the 1950s and 1960s, Sciarrotta’s handmade silver serving dishes, candelabra, trays, cigarette boxes, etc. were sold at the most exclusive American retailers from coast to coast, including Georg Jensen and Black Starr and Gorham in New York City. His designs became known as “The Wedding Gift of Philadelphia and Newport” and he was referred to as the "Modern Cellini. Sciarrotta's work was commissioned for gifts presented by the City of Newport to visiting dignitaries, including President Eisenhower, the Italian President Giovanni Gronchi, fighter Rocky Marciano, Mayor Delmas of Antibes, France in 1962. In 1958, a Sciarrotta bowl was commissioned as a gift to Ambassador of Israel to the United States Abba Eban, on the occasion of the Newport Rhode Island Jewish Community's Tercentenary, marking the 300th anniversary of the founding of the oldest Jewish congregation in the United States.

The bowl was presented to Ambassador Eban by Colonel Milton E. Mitler at the Belcourt Palace in the presence of Governor Dennis Roberts. In 1962, a Sciarrotta bowl in the shape of the hull of a 12-meter yacht was presented to Sr. Frank Packer, skipper of the “Gretel”, the America’s Cup challenger for Australia, his bowls were presented as trophies for horse races around the country. Several of his pieces are on display at the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs, his work is displayed in the Newport Art Museum, his former studio is now an art school run by the Museum. The son of a dry goods merchant, Sciarrotta studied mechanical engineering at Alessandro Volta School of Engineering in Naples and remained in Naples working at a munitions factory during the years before World War II. Sciarrotta came to the U. S. in 1943 to play a major role in a clandestine Office of Strategic Services operation carried out at the U. S. Naval Torpedo Station in Newport, Rhode Island; as an engineer whose undersea weapons expertise was acquired in Naples, Italy under the scientist Carlo Colossi, who invented the first magnetic torpedo exploder for the Germans during World War II, Sciarrotta was a critical asset to the U.

S Navy when Italy fell to the Allies. In order to protect the secret hardware for the Allied war effort, Sciarrotta and a team of scientists and engineers were smuggled out of Italy with weapon-related hardware and tools plus two small submarines and a torpedo that Sciarrotta knew had been sunk by the Germans in Naples Harbor; the result of the mission in Newport at the Naval Torpedo Station was the building of the first two-man submarine as well as exploding magnetic torpedo devices. The submarine and original devices brought from Italy were placed in the U. S. Naval Academy Museum. Sciarrotta led the project under the code name Robert West. Upon completion of the mission, Sciarrotta was offered a government position to stay on at the Naval Torpedo Station. Instead he decided to follow his artistic interests and develop of his craft, creating art objects of copper and sterling silver, applying the same precision and skill to his patented designs as to his weaponry, he opened a shop in Newport and married his English teacher, a native Newporter named Margherita Russo, raised three daughters.

Sciarrotta died in Rhode Island, on May 28, 1985, after a battle with lung cancer. He was survived by three daughters, three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren. Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Makers' Marks Silver Magpies video: Alfredo Sciarrotta - Leaf #3