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The Barranbinya, also written Baranbinja,[1] were an indigenous Australian people of New South Wales.


Map showing the traditional lands of the Baranbinya people

Barranbinya territory extended over an estimated 1,200 square miles (3,100 km2) along the northern bank of the Darling River from Bourke to Brewarrina.[1][a]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Barren-binya.
  • Parran-binye.
  • Burranbinya, Burrunbinya.
  • Barrumbinya, Burrumbinya, Barrunbarga( typo)
  • Burranbinga, Burrabinya.[1]


  1. ^ 'Tribe above the junction of the Bogan to the native fishery at Breewarrina.'[2] 'Next language down the Barwon south of the Weilwan speakers.'[3]


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