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Barry Kerzin

Barry Michael Kerzin is an American physician and Buddhist monk. He has lived in Dharamshala since 1988, serves as a personal physician to the 14th Dalai Lama, along with treating people in the local community, free of charge. Following his ordination as a monk by HH Dalai Lama in January 2003, he has travelled teaching and offering workshops in which he blends Buddhist teaching and his medical training, emphasizing the spiritual and health benefits of meditation and compassion, he has served as a research participant in neuroscience research into the effects of meditation on the brain. Kerzin is an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington Tacoma, a Visiting Professor at the Central Institute of Tibetan Studies, India, an Honorary Professor at the University of Hong Kong, an Honorary Professor at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, a former Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington, he is a fellow at the Mind and Life Institute and consults for the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig on compassion training.

He is founder and president of the Altruism in Medicine Institute and founder and chairman of the Human Values Institute in Japan, Kerzin was born in Hollywood, California on November 1, 1947. When he was young he read a book by D. T. Suzuki's World of Zen. Starting at around six, he was plagued by questions of why he was here, he had wanted to become a doctor and did choose to continue on to medical school, because at the age of eleven he had a brain abscess that caused him to have seizures and fall into comas. Kerzin received BA in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley and in 1976 he received an MD degree from the University of Southern California. Kerzin did his residency at Ventura County Medical Center and practiced family medicine in Ojai, California for seven years, his mother had died when he was 27, just after he started working in Ojai, his wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She died in 1983 and they had no children, he travelled in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal for nearly a year, visiting several monasteries.

He obtained an appointment as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine from late 1985 to early 1989. In the mid-1980s, B. Alan Wallace and the Dharma Friendship Foundation coaxed a lama from Dharamsala, Gen Lamrimpa, to come to Seattle for two years, Kerzin served as his driver. In 1988 Gen Lamrimpa returned to India and Kerzin accompanied him, intending to take a six-month leave of absence from the University of Washington, he stayed in Dharamsala when his leave ended, began providing free medical care to the local community, HH Dalai Lama and other Tibetan lamas. He began studying Buddhism and meditation intensively, 19 years after he moved there, he was ordained in Feb. 2003 as a Bikkshu by HH Dalai Lama, now cares for him as his doctor. Throughout his career, Kerzin has maintained his board certification with the American Board of Family Medicine. Since his ordination, Kerzin has been combining his work as a monk and doctor, harmonizing the mind and body, lecturing around the world in Japan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Korea and North America.

He is teaching about the interface between modern medical science and Buddhist psychology and philosophy, with particular reference to altruism in medicine and secular ethics as well as compassion, meditation and dying and emotional hygiene. In the mid-2000s, he served as a research subject in neuroscience research into the effects of meditation on the brain led by Richard J Davidson at the University of Wisconsin, as well as at Princeton University. Kerzin has completed many meditation retreats, including a three-year retreat. Kerzin founded the Human Values Institute in Japan in 2010 since teaching there starting in 2007; the institute publishes books and instructional movies, gives lectures, leads workshops and meditation retreats, holds an annual symposium in Tokyo, leads pilgrimages on the island of Shikoku. He taught about the Heart Sutra at the Gokokuji Temple in Tokyo shortly after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. For HVI, Kerzin works in juvenile prisons in Japan, is developing well-being curricula, taught to doctors at St. Luke's International Hospital in Tokyo, other hospitals and medical schools in Japan, e.g. Kyoto University, leads meditation retreats at Mt. Fuji.

For AIMI, Kerzin gave a medical grand rounds lecture on compassion at Stanford Medical Schoo, the Stanford CCARE], in July lectured at Surgical Grand Rounds on the science behind meditation to the Ventura County Medical Center, as well as lectured at the University of Washington. In Spring 2016, he lectured at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, U. K. medical schools. Kerzin was the keynote speaker for the White Coast Ceremony for new first-year medical students at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2016 and again in 2018. In Fall 2016 he presented the plenary lecture to 800 Family Doctors at the Family Medicine Education Consortium in Pittsburgh, in 2018 set the

Kofi Amoatey

Magnus Kofi Amoatey is the MP-elect for the Yilo Krobo Constituency in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He will be a member of the sixth parliament of the fourth Republic of Ghana after the new parliament is sworn in on 7 January 2013 upon the dissolution of the fifth parliament at midnight on 6 January 2013. According to official results released by the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Amoatey won in all but 3 of the 124 polling stations of the Yilo Krobo constituency and polled a total of 26,584, representing 61.49% of valid votes cast. Amoatey is a Christian, he is married. Amoatey was born on December 10, 1948, he hails from a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He entered the University of Ghana and obtained his Bachelor of Art in Sociology in 1990, he attended Ghana School of Law and obtained his bachelor's degree in Law in 1995. Director of Programmes, National Commission on Culture Junior partner, Yilo Chambers, Accra Lawyer

2010 Northern Iowa Panthers football team

The 2010 Northern Iowa Panthers football team represented the University of Northern Iowa in the 2010 NCAA Division I FCS football season. The Panthers are a members of the Missouri Valley Football Conference, were coached by Mark Farley and played their home games in the UNI-Dome, they finished the season 6 -- 2 in MVFC play to claim the conference championship. They earned an automatic berth in the FCS playoffs, where they lost in the first round to Lehigh, 14–7. Northern Iowa was picked to finish fourth in the Missouri Valley Football Conference preseason poll. Running back Carols Anderson and tight end Schuylar Oordt were each named to the preseason all-conference team. Tight end Ryan Mahaffey and place kicker Billy Hallgren were each honorable mentions. 2010 Roster

The Opera Band

The Opera Band is the debut album by Amici Forever released in 2004. The members of Amici Forever met when performing at opera venues around the world. Tenor Geoff Sewell from New Zealand, came up with the idea of an "opera band" mixing traditional opera with contemporary pop; the band features two soprano singers and a bass-baritone singer. Amici Forever signed with Arista Records and started playing high-profile gigs such as the FA Cup final and the English rugby union final. Nick Patrick, who had produced albums by the Gipsy Kings, Tina Turner and Marvin Gaye produced the band's first album The Opera Band; the album mixes opera classics such as "Nessun Dorma" with pop standards such as "Unchained Melody" and "Requiem for a Soldier" from the Band of Brothers soundtrack. It was released on 13 January 2004 and has reached number 74 in the Billboard 200 album charts in 2004 and reached the top 50 of the ARIA Australian album charts; the album has reached number 2 on the Billboard Classical Crossover and Heatseeker charts and number one on the ARIA Australian classical album chart as well as top 5 in the UK classical charts.

The album was nominated for "Album of the Year" at the Classical BRIT Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall on 26 May 2004 and was performed at the Awards. "Prayer in the Night" "Senza Catene" "Canto Alla Vita" "Vita Mia" "Requiem for a Soldier " "Whisper of Angels" "The Pearl Fishers" "Soave Sia Il Vento" "Nimrod: Lux Æterna" "Song to the Moon" "Zadok the Priest" "Nessun Dorma" "Adeste Fidelis" "Olympia: Eternal Flame" Music Guide The Opera Band page Music Guide The Opera Band page

Live: Intimate & Interactive

Live: Intimate & Interactive is a 2007 single digital versatile disc by the Canadian rock band The Tea Party. The live music DVD is the only official live video release, shot in the MuchMusic CHUM-City Building in Toronto, during their Intimate and Interactive performance in May 1998, coupled with a performance from 20 November 2000. "Army Ants" "Fire in the Head" "Release" "Transmission" "Save Me" "Winter Solstice / Sister Awake" "Temptation" "Psychopomp" "Temptation" "The Messenger" "Sister Awake" Official website with videos

Indonesian Linux Motivator Foundation

Yayasan Penggerak Linux Indonesia, or the Indonesian Linux Motivator Foundation, is a non-profit organization that develops Linux and other Free/Open Source Software software and human resources in Indonesia, including profession certification. Other activities include providing advocation, seminar speakers and documents in Indonesian regarding Linux/FOSS. A YPLI product is the BlankOn Linux distribution. BlankOn's first releases were Fedora based distros. BlankOn version 2, 3, etc. are Ubuntu based. BlankOn 8 is Debian Based. YPLI, with its BlankOn, has been a case study of UNDP and UNESCO as a successful example of FOSS implementation in the world. A complete PDF file of the book Breaking Barriers, The Potential of Free and Open Source Software for Sustainable Human Development. A Compilation of Case Studies from Across the World can be found here. Founders: I Made Wiryana, Mario Alisjahbana, Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim, Rusmanto Maryanto, Effendy Kho, Resza Ciptadi, Firdaus Tjahyadi, Trias Adijaya, Erwien Samantha, M. Gani Salman, M. Aulia Adnan, PY Adi Prasaja, Mohammad DAMT, M. Zen Muttaqien, Ahmad Sofyan, Yulian F. Hendriyana, Dicky WP, Eko Kurniawan, Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo.

Advisors: Mario Alisjahbana, Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim, PY Adi Prasaja, M. Aulia Adnan Comptrollers: M. Zen Muttaqien, Ahmad Sofyan, Mohammad DAMT Executives: Rusmanto Maryanto, Resza Ciptadi, Effendy Kho. YPLI is working with several institutions, such as: UNESCO INDOGLOBAL RIMBALINUX INFOLINUX DIAN RAKYAT LINUXINDO PADINET NURULFIKRI and other parties who support or share the spirit to use and promote Linux/FOSS in the world in Indonesia. YPLI official website BlankOn Linux official website BlankOn's page at