Basilica di San Calimero

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Basilica of Saint Calimerius
(Basilica di San Calimero)
IMG 5582 - Milano - San Calimero - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto - 21 febr. 2007.jpg
The Neo-Romanesque façade of the basilica.
Basic information
LocationMilan, Italy
Geographic coordinatesCoordinates: 45°27′24″N 9°11′35″E / 45.456626°N 9.192955°E / 45.456626; 9.192955
AffiliationRoman Catholic
Year consecrated1776
Architectural description
Architect(s)Angelo Colla
Architectural typeChurch
Architectural styleRomanesque Revival

The Basilica di San Calimero is a church in Milan, northern Italy. Its name refers to Saint Calimerius (died 190 AD), an early bishop of the city. It dates from the 5th century but was almost completely rebuilt in 1882 by the architect Angelo Colla in an attempt to restore it to the "original" medieval structure.

The 16th century crypt

What remains of the ancient church include: the 16th century crypt, with a noble frescoed vault by the Fiammenghini; a small fresco with the Madonna and Two Female Saints (15th century, attributed to Cristoforo Moretti) in the apse; a Crucifixion by Il Cerano, and a noteworthy Nativity by Marco d'Oggiono. Other medieval frescoes are in the annexed sacristy.

The crypt also houses Calimerius' relics and a pit located in the same place in which the former's bones were found in the water.

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