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Batavia (region)

Batavia is a historical and geographical region in the Netherlands, forming large fertile islands in the river delta formed by the waters of the Rhine and Meuse river. During the Roman empire, it was an important frontier source of imperial soldiers, its name is pre-Roman. Administratively, the modern version, Betuwe, is a part of the modern province of Gelderland and although the rivers and provinces have changed over history it is the same. Today it has the Lek and Nederrijn in the north; when the Pannerdens Kanaal was dug between 1701 and 1709, the easternmost tip of the Betuwe was cut off from the rest of the region. In 1995, a large part of this area had to be evacuated; this did not happen, but it raised the deba

Avior Regional

Avior Regional was a Venezuelan airline, a subsidiary of Avior Airlines. It began operations in March 2015 with flights from Caracas to Valera; as of September 2016, Avior Regional operates six Fokker 50 aircraft. On 7 March 2015, Avior Airlines announced the launch of subsidiary Avior Regional, intended to expand the parent company's domestic operations. Flights commenced four days operating from Caracas to Barinas and Valera. Avior Regional started flights to its first international destination, Curaçao, on 16 July 2015. Avior Regional is a subsidiary of Avior Airlines and is headquartered in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela; the president is Gianfranco Fariña as of July 2015. Avior Regional flies to the following destinations as of July 2015: The airline operates the following aircraft as of September 2016: Official website

Joel Ferreira

Joel António Soares Ferreira, known as Joel, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for C. D. Mafra as a left back. Born in Valongo, Porto District, Joel spent his first four years as a senior with local Gondomar S. C. in the third division. In summer 2015 he signed with C. D. Mafra, making his professional debut on 8 August by playing the full 90 minutes in a 1–1 away draw against Gil Vicente F. C. for the Segunda Liga championship. On 21 June 2016, after suffering team relegation, Joel signed a three-year deal with G. D. Estoril Praia, he first appeared in the Primeira Liga on 15 August, starting in a 0–2 home loss to C. D. Feirense. Joel returned to the second level on 12 July 2018. Joel at ForaDeJogo Joel at Soccerway

District of Milan

The District of Milan was one of the four divisions of the Department of Olona, the province of Milan during the Napoleonic Italian Republic. It received its capital was Milan. Founded on May 13, 1801, it had a population of 217,807 inhabitants, it was composed by the communes of Milan, Holy Bodies of Milan, Arcagnano, Assago, Baggio, Balsamo, Bazzana Sant’Ilario, Bescapè, Bicocca e Bicocchino, Boldinasco, Bollate, Bresso, Brusuglio, Buccinasco, Canobbio, Carpiano, Cassignanica, Cassina Aliprandi, Cassina Amata, Cassina de’ Gatti, Cassina del Donato, Cassina del Pero, Cassina nuova, Cassina Nuova, Cassina Pertusella, Cassina Savina, Cassina Triulza, Cassino Scanasio, Castel Lambro, Castellazzo d’Arconate, Cerchiate, Cesano Boscone, Cesano Maderno, Chiaravalle, Civesio, Colturano, Cornaredo, Corsico, Cusago, Dergano e Derganino, Dugnano, Figino, Foramagno, Garegnano Marcido, Grancino, Gudo Gambaredo, Lambrate, Limbiate, Linate superiore ed inferiore, Locate, Lorenteggio, Macconago, Mangialuppo, Mazzo, Melegnano, Mezzano, Monte, Morsenchio, Muggiò, Niguarda, Nova, Novegro, Paderno, Palazzuolo, Pantigliate, Peschiera, Pinzano, Pizzabrasa, Ponte Sesto, Precotto, Quarto Cagnino, Quinto de’ Stampi, Quinto Romano, Quinto Sole, Redecesio, Robbiano, Romanobanco, Romano Paltano, Ronchetto presso Corsico, Rovagnasco, Rozzano, San Donato, San Giuliano, San Giuliano, San Gregorio vecchio, San Pedrino, San Vito, San Zeno, Sant’Alessandro, Santa Brera.

Historical database of Lombard laws

Italy–Taiwan relations

Italy–Taiwan relations refers to bilateral relations between Italy and Taiwan. Relations have been conducted on an unofficial basis since Italy severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan on 6 November 1970 and established relations with the People's Republic of China. Despite the absence of diplomatic relations, trade links between Italy and Taiwan accounted for US$4.13 billion in 2014, with Italy being Taiwan's fifth largest trading partner in Europe. 40 Taiwanese companies had investments in Italy worth US$322 million in 2011. In 2015, the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Italian Parliament, passed a bill on avoiding double taxation with Taiwan. An agreement to that effect was completed in 2016. Taiwan is represented by the "Taipei Representative Office in Italy" in Rome; this has responsibility for San Marino, Malta and Macedonia. This was established in 1990 as the Associazione Economica e Culturale di Taipei, before adopting its present name in 1996. Another body, based in Milan, known as Centro Commerciale Per L'Estremo Oriente, had been established as a trade office in the early 1970s.

This is now known as the "Taiwan Trade Center", operated by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. Italy is represented by the Italian Economic and Cultural Promotion Office, it was established in its present form in 1995. It was established in 1989 as the "Italian Trade and Economic Center". Arrangements for the opening of the office were made through San Shin Trading Ltd. the local agent for Fiat cars in Taiwan. In 1992, the Office was renamed the "Italian Trade Promotion Office". In that year, it began issuing visas. Visa applications were forwarded to the Italian Consulate General in Hong Kong. In contrast to other countries, during the SARS crisis in 2003, Italy did not impose travel restrictions or quarantines on Taiwan tourists, with the Italian Economic and Cultural Promotion Office continuing to issue visas as normal; until 1970, Taiwan, as the Republic of China, was represented by an embassy in Rome and a consulate-general in Milan. This was separate from the Embassy of the Republic of China to the Holy See, while located in Italian territory, remains accredited to the Vatican City.

This led to confusion in 1989 following the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing, when Italians protested outside the embassy, believing it to be that of the People's Republic of China. In 2005, the President, Chen Shui-bian, was allowed to enter Italy to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II, travelling on a China Airlines charter flight. China Airlines began flights between Taipei and Rome in 1995, which became a codeshare service with Alitalia in 2003. In 2014, Taiwan decided not to participate in Expo 2015 in Milan after the Italian government proposed that it be represented as a corporate entity rather than as a country. Stanley Kao

Chimayo pepper

The Chimayó pepper is a New Mexico chile pepper landrace of the species Capsicum annuum. It is named after the town of Chimayó, New Mexico, where 500 acres of Chimayó peppers are harvested annually, it is considered one of the two best chilis in the other being those grown in Hatch. The pepper is so prized. Chimayó chilies have a complex flavor described as sweet and smoky, are popular in New Mexican cuisine for making posole and carne adovada; the arid climate of the town of Chimayó influences the appearance of the Chimayó pepper, giving it a twisted shape when dried. Its color can be compared to that of the Jalapeño, transitioning from green to red as the fruit matures. Chimayó peppers are of medium pungency, have a heat level ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 on the Scoville scale. Chimayó pepper plants grow to a height of 18 to 24 inches, while the fruits reach 4 to 6 inches in length and 1–1.75 inches wide. Chimayó peppers are dried by being hung on ristras; the flavor is described as sweet and smoky, without being too hot, the fruit is fleshier and drier The pepper can be used fresh for salsas, stir-frys, roasted, or stuffed.

List of Capsicum cultivars