Batman (TV series)

Batman is a 1960s American live action television series, based on the DC comic book character of the same name. It stars Adam West as Bruce Wayne / Batman and Burt Ward as Dick Grayson / Robin – two crime-fighting heroes who defend Gotham City from a variety of arch villains, it is known for its camp style, upbeat theme music, its intentionally humorous, simplistic morality. This included championing the importance of using seat belts, doing homework, eating vegetables, drinking milk, it was described by executive producer William Dozier as the only situation comedy on the air without a laugh track. The 120 episodes aired on the ABC network for three seasons from January 12, 1966 to March 14, 1968, twice weekly for the first two and weekly for the third. In 2016, television critics Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz ranked Batman as the 82nd greatest American television show of all time; the series focuses on Robin as they defend Gotham City from its various criminals. Although the lives of their alter-egos, millionaire Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson are shown, it is only in the context of their being called away on superhero business or in circumstances where they need to employ their public identities to assist in their crime-fighting.

The "Dynamic Duo" comes to the aid of the Gotham City Police upon the latter being stumped by a supervillain. Throughout each episode and Robin follow a series of improbable clues to discover the supervillain's plan figure out how to thwart that plan and capture the criminal. For the first two seasons, Batman aired twice a week on consecutive nights; every story was a two-parter, except for two three-parters featuring villainous team ups in the second season. The titles of each multi-part story rhyme; the third and final season, which aired one episode a week and introduced Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, consisted of self-contained stories. Each third season story ended with a teaser featuring the next episode's guest villain, except for the series finale; the cliffhangers between multiple-part stories consist of villains holding someone captive Batman or Robin, with the captive being threatened by death, serious injury or another fate. These cliffhangers are resolved early in the follow-up episode.

Ostensibly a crime series, the style of the show was in fact tongue-in-cheek. It was a true situation comedy, in that situations were exaggerated and were played for laughs; this increased as the seasons progressed, with the addition of greater absurdity. However, the characters always took the absurd situations seriously - which added to the comedy; the show lasted for three seasons, consisting of 120 episodes: Season 1 consisted of 34 episodes, aired from January 12, 1966 to May 5, 1966 Season 2 consisted of 60 episodes, aired from September 7, 1966 to March 30, 1967 Season 3 consisted of 26 episodes, aired from September 14, 1967 to March 14, 1968 Adam West as Bruce Wayne / Batman: A multi-millionaire industrialist whose parents were murdered when he was a child and who now secretly uses his vast fortune to fight crime as the masked vigilante Batman. With the exception of two episodes, the series refrains from mentioning his origins as a "crime orphan". Producer William Dozier cast Adam West in the role after seeing him perform as the James Bond-like spy Captain Q in a Nestlé Quik television advertisement.

Lyle Waggoner had screen-tested for the role, though West won out because, it was said, he was the only person who could deliver his lines with a straight face. West voiced an animated version of the title character on The New Adventures of Batman. Burt Ward as Dick Grayson / Robin: Batman's sidekick, dubbed the "Boy Wonder": a high school student noted for his recurring interjections in the form of "Holy ________, Batman!" Ward voiced an animated version of this character on The New Adventures of Batman. Alan Napier as Alfred: Batman's loyal butler and Batgirl's discreet confidant, he is the only person who knows the true identities of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon. Neil Hamilton as Commissioner James Gordon: The Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and one of Batman's two major police contacts, he summons the Dynamic Duo via the Bat Signal. Stafford Repp as Chief Miles O'Hara: Gotham City's Chief of Police, Batman's other major police contact; the character was created by Semple for the series, as someone for Gordon to talk to, briefly added to the comics.

Madge Blake as Harriet Cooper: Dick Grayson's maternal aunt. She first appeared in the comics, two years before the series premiered, to give Bruce and Dick a reason to be secretive about their dual identities. Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl: Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Gotham City librarian and crime fighting partner for Batman and Robin for the third season; this threesome was nicknamed the "Terrific Trio". William Dozier as Narrator. According to Adam West's memoir, Back to the Batcave, his first exposure to the series concept was through reading a sample script in which Batman enters a nightclub in his complete costume and requests a booth near the wall, as he "shouldn't wish to attract attention", it was the scrupulously formal dialogue, the way that Batman earnestly believed he could avoid standing out while wearing a skintight blue-and-grey costume, that convinced West of the character's comic potential. With the death of Adam West on June 9, 2017, Burt Ward is n

Are You Human?

Are You Human? is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Seo Kang-jun and Gong Seung-yeon. It aired on KBS2's Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 time slot, from June 4 to August 7, 2018. Oh Laura, a renowned scientist, was forced to part with Nam Shin. To cope with her loss, over the years, she builds various AI robots modelled after him, naming them Nam Shin I, II and III. Decades after surviving an attempt on his life, Nam Shin slips into a coma. To protect his position as the heir to a chaebol, Laura sends Nam Shin III to take his place and fulfil his duties. Kang So-bong was a member of Nam Shin's security detail, she becomes Nam Shin III's bodyguard, determined to get to the bottom of his strange comments and behaviour. However, she gets more than what she'd bargained for when she starts falling for him - and has to keep him safe from the people who'd tried to murder Nam Shin. Seo Kang-jun as Nam Shin / Nam Shin IIIA third generation heir who falls into coma after an unexpected accident.

His mother Oh Laura, an authority on brain science and artificial intelligence leads the creation of an android, Nam Shin III, in a bid to maintain his position as heir to a chaebol conglomerate. Gong Seung-yeon as Kang So-bongA former MMA fighter who had to quit due to an injury from competition, worked as a bodyguard. She'll come to protect Nam Shin III, although she does it out of selfish motive at first, she comes to care for him genuinely. Lee Joon-hyuk as Ji Young-hoonNam Shin's secretary and only friend and a guardian. A pragmatic and realistic person, his background is tied to Nam Shin's company, PK Group, in that he was raised in an orphanage that the conglomerate funded, went on to become a top student at a university backed by PK Group. Park Hwan-hee as Seo Ye-naNam Shin's fiancée, her father is a high-level director at PK Nam Shin's opponent. Kim Sung-ryung as Laura OhNam Shin's mother and an expert in the field of intelligence. Described as intelligent and intensely focused, she's the lead researcher working on developing the android with a secret team of top scientists.

Yu Oh-seong as Seo Jong-gilNam Shin's opponent, Seo Ye-na's father. A high-level director of PK group who wants to become the head of the company. Park Yeong-gyu as Nam Gun-hoNam Shin's grandfather. CEO of PK group. A sly and cunning man. Choi Deok-moon as David Kim Hye-eun as Nam Ho-yeon Seo Eun-yool as No Hee-dong Kim Won-hae as Kang Jae-sik Kim Hyun-sook as Reporter Jo Oh Hee-joon as Jo In-tae Cha Yub as Robo Cop Chae Dong-hyun as Ko Chang-jo Cha In-ha as Hwang Ji-yong Cho Jae-ryong as Secretary Park Choi Byung-mo as Choi Sang-guk Oh Eui-sik as Cha Hyun-joon Oh Han-kyul as A. I. robot Nam Shin I Lee Joo-chan as A. I. robot Nam Shin II Oh Joo-eun as Team Leader Hur Youngji Kim Seung-soo as Nam Jung-woo, Nam Shin's father The series is written by Jo Jung-joo and directed by Cha Young-hoon. The first script reading was held in June 2017 at KBS Annex in Seoul. Filming began in late June 2017 and wrapped up on November 29, 2017; some parts of the filming took place in Czech Republic. The entire series production has taken two years to complete which had cost a total of 10 billion won.

Go A-ra declined. The drama was screened at the Cannes International Series Festival prior to its premiere. In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. NR denotes. Official website Are You Human? at KBS WorldAre You Human? on IMDb Are You Human? at HanCinema

Le Pays

Le Pays is a three-act opera by Guy Ropartz with a libretto by Charles Le Goffic. It was premiered in 1912 at Nancy, it is an important example of the Breton cultural renaissance of the early 20th century. Ropartz stated, he was given a copy of Le Goffic's short story collection Passions Celtes, was attracted to the story L'islandaise, which describes a doomed love affair between the girl and a stranded Breton fisherman. It was based on the lives of the Breton "Icelanders", who fished in Icelandic waters and sometimes stayed there for periods. Ropartz had created a score for Louis Tiercelin's stage adaptation of Pierre Loti's novel Pêcheur d'Islande on the same basic theme. Ropartz asked Le Goffic to adapt his story for the stage. Ropartz's style is influenced by the form of Wagner's music dramas and the structural innovations of César Franck. Ropartz makes frequent use of leitmotives and incorporates elements of Breton folk melodies to represent the hero's nostagia for his homeland; the critic Michel Fleury argues that the music is built around four main themes, one of which represents Iceland, in particular the bog which plays a role in the narrative.

The fourth theme represents stability, associated with the heroine's father. Kaethe, an Icelandic girl - soprano Tual, a Breton fisherman - tenor Jörgen, Kaethe's father - baritone Act I. Autumn: A cottage in Iceland: Tual, a Breton fisherman who has survived a shipwreck, has been recuperating in the home of Jörgen, an old trapper, he is tended by Jörgen's daughter. She suggests. Tual reminds her that after he had dragged himself ashore from the shipwreck, he nearly died in the Hrafuaga, a dangerous Icelandic swamp. All the other fishermen on the ship were drowned, so everyone in Brittany will think him dead and he has no ties there anymore. Tual declares his love for Kaethe. Kaethe is worried that Tual's feelings says she loves him too. In the absence of a preacher Jörgen "marries" the couple by insisting that Tual dedicate himself to Kaethe by swearing on the "mud of Hrafuaga" that if he abandons her it will swallow him up. Act 2 Spring: The Icelandic shore: Tual dreams of Paimpol, his home in Brittany, while making a small fishing boat.

He sings Breton folk songs. Kaethe says she has seen a sadness in him for his homeland and worries that he will sail back to Brittany. Tual says. Kaethe tells him she is pregnant with his child, hoping. Kaethe sings him a Nordic ballad about "Sir Olaf", abducted by the Queen of the Fairies, his loyal wife Lady Hilda waited for him for a hundred years, so that they could renew their love and die together. Tual says that they will die together like Olaf and Hilda. Act 3 Spring: The cottage: Kathe muses on Tual's withdrawn behaviour. Jörgen returns home tipsy after drinking gin and reminisces about Kaethe's late mother, describing how they grew up together; when Tual enters Jörgen mentions that some Paimpol fishermen have arrived at the village of Seidsfjord. Tual asks if it is easy to get there. Jörgen says. Tual tries to put the thought out of his mind, but as he sleeps with Kaethe he has a dream of Brittany. In his vision he sees the white sails of the Paimpol fishing fleet, he tries to cross the Hrafuaga.

Kaethe watches as the swamp cracks and swallows him