Battle of Arroyo Grande

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Battle of Arroyo Grande
Part of the Uruguayan Civil War
Batalla de Arroyo Grande.jpg
Portrait by Carlos Descalzo
DateDecember 6, 1842
LocationArroyo Grande, Entre Rios Province, Argentina
Result Blanco victory
Flag of the National Party (Uruguay).svg Blancos
 Argentine Confederation
Flag of Colorado Party (Uruguay).svg Colorados
Bandera argentina unitaria de guerra.png Unitarian Party
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the National Party (Uruguay).svg Manuel Oribe Flag of Colorado Party (Uruguay).svg Fructuoso Rivera
12.000 7.500
Casualties and losses
300 killed and wounded 2.000 killed
1.400 wounded

The Battle of Arroyo Grande (December 6, 1842) was a battle of the Uruguayan Civil War.

Parties to the conflict[edit]

At Arroyo Grande, the federal forces, or blancos, of Manuel Oribe defeated the colorados of Fructuoso Rivera, having been in conflict since 1838/1839.

Subsequent siege of Montevideo[edit]

Following the battle, Oribe then proceeded to start the Great Siege of Montevideo.

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