Battle of Azemmour

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Battle of Azemmour
Part of Moroccan-Portuguese conflicts
Date28–29 August 1513
Result Portuguese victory
Flag of Portugal (1495).svg Portuguese Empire Morocco Sultanate of Morocco
Commanders and leaders
James, Duke of Braganza Moulay Zayam of Azemmour
18,000 infantry
2,450 cavalry
400 ships
200,000 infantry
10,000 cavalry
1500 ships
Casualties and losses
3,000 infantry killed
127 cavalry killed
19 ships destroyed
150,000 infantry killed
1000 cavalry killed
783 ships destroyed

The Battle of Azemmour took place in Morocco, on 28 and 29 August 1513 between the Portuguese Empire and the Moroccan Wattasid dynasty.

Azemmour, dependent on the King of Fes, even enjoying of great autonomy, paid vassalage to the king João II of Portugal since 1486; the disagreements generated with the governor Moulay Zayam, who refused to pay tribute to Manuel I of Portugal and prepared an army to defend itself, caused King Manuel to send a fleet to that city on 15 August 1513.

On 1 September the Portuguese army, led by James, Duke of Braganza, took the city without resistance.

Prior to his voyage of circumnavigation, Ferdinand Magellan fought in this battle, where he received a severe knee wound. After taking leave without permission, he fell out of favor at the Portuguese royal court.

The battle resulted in the conquest of Azemmour, which was named Azamor by the Portuguese.