Battle of Boquerón (1866)

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Battle of Boquerón (1866)
ATAQUE de la 3ª DIVISION del 2º CUERPO de EJERCITO á las órdenes del Coronel D. CESÁREO DOMINGUEZ à la TRINCHERA PARAGUAYA del BOQUERON DE PIRIS (Batalle del "Sauce" de los Paraguayos).jpg
Attack of the 3rd Division of the 2nd Army Corps of Argentina, under the command of Colonel Don Cesáreo Dominguez, on the Paraguayan trench of Boqueron de Piris (Battle of "Sauce" for the Paraguayans) – Picture of F. Fortuny.
Date16 July 1866
Ñeembucú, Paraguay
Result Paraguayan victory

 Empire of Brazil




Commanders and leaders
Empire of Brazil Gen. Guilherme Souza Paraguay Col. Elizardo Aquino 
3,000[1]:60 3 infantry battalions[1]:60
Casualties and losses
285 killed
1,631 wounded
38 missing[1]:60
2,000 casualties[1]:60

The Battle of Boquerón was fought on 16 July 1866 and the Battle of Sauce on 18 July 1866, between an allied force of Uruguayans, Brazilian, and Argentines on one side and Paraguay on the other in the Paraguayan War. The Spanish-born Uruguayan officer León de Pallejas (1816–1866) and the Paraguayan officer Elizardo Aquino were killed in the battle.[2][3]


Following the First Battle of Tuyutí after the Allied force invaded Paraguay, President Francisco Solano López tried enticing the Allies into attacking his fortifications at Curupayti and Curuzu along the Paraguay River. By June 1866, Lopez had 20,000 soldiers along the front.[1]:58

Battle of Yataitia-Cora[edit]

On 11 July, 2,500 Paraguayans under the command of Gen. Jose E. Diaz, attacked the positions outside the main Argentine camp perimeter; the attacked was stopped by dusk due to a grass fire set by the Congreve rockets, but soon resumed. By 2100, the fighting ended after the Paraguayans suffered 400 casualties and 30 wounded men captured; the Argentines lost 30 men killed, 177 wounded and 51 missing[1]:59

Battle of Boquerón[edit]

Lopez had two trenches dug during the night of 13 July, from which he planned on having snipers and artillery fire into the Brazilian left flank.[1]:59 Brazilian Gen. Guilherme Souza led 3,000 men from the 4th Brazilian Division in an attack on the southern trench at 0500 on 16 July, supported by three Brazilian cavalry regiments; the Paraguayans were led by Col. Elizardo Aquino who was mortally wounded after 16 hours of fighting and four counter-attacks; the Paraguayans suffered 2,000 casualties in the loss of the southern trench, while the Brazilians had 282 men killed, 1,579 wounded and 38 missing, and the Argentines lost 3 killed, and 52 wounded[1]:60

Battle of Sauce[edit]

The Brazilians attacked again on 18 July, the flanking movement by Gen. Jose Luis Mena Barreto, and a frontal assault by Gen. Victorino J.C. Monteiro. Gen. Flores had Gen. Souza replace Gen. Monteiro when he was wounded; the allies lost Cols. Palleja, Aguero, and Martinez; the Brazilians had 630 killed, 2,938 wounded, and 54 missing, the Argentines had 201 killed, 421 wounded, the Uruguayans had 250 casualties, while the Paraguayans had 2,500 casualties.[1]:60


The Battle of Curuzú was soon to follow.


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