Battle of Château-Thierry (1814)

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The Battle of Château-Thierry occurred on 12 February 1814 between the vanguard of the Army of Silesia (a Russian–Prussian army) under Marshal von Blücher and a French army under Emperor Napoleon I. It was a French victory.


After winning a series of impressive tactical victories (during what would become known as the Six Days Campaign), Napoleon sought to deal what he hoped would be a final blow to the Prussians and end their participation in the Sixth Coalition against him.[1] He had defeated Fabian Osten-Sacken and Ludwig Yorck the previous day at the Battle of Montmirail, and now Napoleon caught the Prussian rearguard under General Yorck on the Marne River near Château-Thierry.[1]


Sending Marshal Ney to lead the attack, the French broke into Yorck's ranks, inflicting heavy losses. Their attack was only stopped by some fortuitously placed Prussian batteries, allowing Yorck to withdraw in good order without suffering a rout. The Prussians had 1,250 casualties, the Russians 1,500, and the French 600. The French also captured nine cannons and much baggage and transport.[1]


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