Battle of Loigny–Poupry

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Battle of Loigny–Poupry
Part of the Franco–Prussian War
Hugo von Kottwitz with the Lübecker Bataillon
Hugo von Kottwitz with the Lübecker Bataillon
Date2 December 1870
LocationLoigny-la-Bataille, France
Result German victory
German Empire North German Confederation
France France
Commanders and leaders
German Empire Friedrich Franz II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin France Antoine Chanzy
35,000 45,000
Casualties and losses
4,139 6,000–7,000
3,500–4,500 killed or wounded
2,500 captured

The Battle of Loigny–Poupry was a battle of the Franco–Prussian War. It took place on 2 December 1870 during the Loire Campaign near the town of Loigny. An army detachment (Armee-Abteilung) under the command of Friedrich Franz II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, engaged the French Army of the Loire and defeated them.

The French force was led by General Gaston de Sonis, an experienced cavalry commander. His core troops (about 300) comprised a mixture of Saraphis and Zouaves. Their support troops (the 51st Foot, a largely untrained motley group of conscripts) fell back, leaving de Sonis to make a stand, which he and his Zouaves and Saraphis did.


Coordinates: 48°07′26″N 1°44′02″E / 48.1239°N 1.7339°E / 48.1239; 1.7339