Battle of Luchana

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Battle of Luchana
Part of First Carlist War
Ataque al Puente de Luchana.jpg
Date23–24 December 1836
Bilbao and vicinities, Basque Country, Spain
Result Liberal victory

Carlists supporting

Infante Carlos of Spain
Liberals (Isabelinos or Cristinos) supporting
Isabella II of Spain and her regent mother Maria Christina
Commanders and leaders
Baldomero Espartero

The Battle of Luchana (Lutxana in Basque) occurred at Bilbao and its vicinities during the night of December 23, 1836 and went on until December 24, 1836. The Carlists were besieging Bilbao and controlled the water and land routes towards the city. The battle of Luchana took place in the district belonging to the parish of Deusto and the municipality of Erandio, on the banks of the Asúa River, which empties into the Nervión at the spot known as Luchana. The Carlists were defeated and the siege of Bilbao was lifted.

Coordinates: 43°17′35″N 2°58′17″W / 43.29306°N 2.97139°W / 43.29306; -2.97139