Battle of Mecca (1813)

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Battle of Mecca
Part of the Ottoman–Saudi War
View of Mecca
DateJanuary 1813
LocationMecca, western Arabia
Result Ottoman victory
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire First Saudi State
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Mohammed Ali Pasha
Ottoman Empire Tusun Pasha
Faisal bin Saud AL-Kabeer
22,000[citation needed] 1,000[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
none. none.

Ottoman return of Mecca 1813 (Turkish: Mekke'nin Osmanlıya Dönüşü) also known as the Battle of Mecca happened several days after the recapture of Jeddah during the Ottoman–Saudi War. Diriyah's army and its 1,000 men in Mecca surrendered to Muhammad Ali of Egypt and Tusun Pasha, who recaptured the city for the Ottoman Empire.[citation needed]


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