Battle of Medina (1812)

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Ottoman return of Medina 1812
Part of the Ottoman–Saudi War
Medina under Ottoman Rule , Medina Mosque
DateNovember 1812
Medina, western Arabia
Result Ottoman victory
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire First Saudi State
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Tusun Pasha Saud AL-Kabeer
18 cannons
3 mortars [1]
10,000[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
300 dead[citation needed] 600 dead[citation needed]

The Battle of Medina took place in 1812. Following the Battle of Al-Safra, Tusun's forces begun to deal with rebel tribes around Medina while military supplies were moved to Yanbu from Egypt. Mohammed Ali Pasha sent Ahmet Aga with 10,000 men to help Tusun's forces to re-capture Medina, this army successfully took the city in November 1812,[1][2] killing about 600 Saudi fighters.


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