Battle of Narbonne (436)

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Battle of Narbona
Part of The Gothic War of 436
Result Roman Victory
Labarum.svg Western Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Litorius Theodoric I
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Siege of Narbonne was a conflict between the Visigothic Foederati of Aquitania and the Western Roman Empire. The Siege began in late 436 and carried over into 437, when the Roman Magister Militum Litorius arrived with a force of Huns and the Gallic Field Army.[1] Litorius surprised the Visigoths and routed their army before they could draw up a coherent battle line.[2] Prosper of Aquitaine records that to alleviate the starvation of the city, each soldier in Litorius' army was ordered to carry 2 measures of wheat for the citizens of Narbonne.[3]

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