Battle of Nola (215 BC)

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Second Battle of Nola
Part of the Second Punic War
Battles second punic war.png
Date 215 BC
Location Nola, present-day Italy
Result stalemate
Carthage Roman Republic
Commanders and leaders
Hannibal Marcus Claudius Marcellus

The Second Battle of Nola was fought in 215 BC between Hannibal's army and a Roman Army under Marcus Claudius Marcellus, it was Hannibal's second attempt to seize Nola after a failure the year before. He was again repelled, and made one more, also unsuccessful attempt the next year.

Coordinates: 40°55′34″N 14°31′39″E / 40.9261°N 14.5275°E / 40.9261; 14.5275