Battle of Sluis (1603)

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Coordinates: 51°20′N 3°23′E / 51.333°N 3.383°E / 51.333; 3.383

Battle of Sluis (1603)
Part of the Eighty Years' War
Zeeslag bij Sluis - Battle of Sluis May 26 1603 (Aert Meuris, 1621).jpg
Battle of Sluis, from the Legermuseum, Delft
Date26 May 1603
LocationSluis (present-day Netherlands)
Result Dutch victory
 United Provinces  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Joos de Moor Federico Spinola 
3 men-of-war,
2 galleys,
several minor vessels[1](Spanish source)
2 galleys 2 smaller vessels.[2] Dutch source
8 Galleys,
1,130 soldiers[1](Spanish source)
8 galleys 4 smaller vessels[2](Dutch source)
Casualties and losses
720 killed,
1 man-of-war sunk[3](Spanish source)
50 dead or wounded
no ships lost[2](Dutch source)
414 killed[3](Spanish source)
800 dead or wounded
no ships lost[2](Dutch source)

The Battle of Sluis was a naval battle during the Eighty Years' War in which a Spanish squadron commanded by the Italian captain Federico Spinola tried to break through a blockade of Sluis by Dutch ships under the command of Joos de Moor. After about two hours of fighting the heavily damaged Spanish ships returned to Sluis; Federico Spinola was killed during the action.


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