Battle of the Sarno (1460)

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The Battle of the Sarno (7 July 1460),[1][2] also known as the Battle of Nola,[3][4][5] was a decisive defeat of the forces of Ferdinand, king of Naples, by his dissatisfied barons supporting the claim of John of Anjou, duke of Lorraine. It was fought in the plain at the mouth of the Sarno River in Campania,[1] south of Mount Vesuvius. John's forces were strengthened by reinforcements from Niccolo Piccinino,[6] who on the 27th[5] defeated papal and Milanese forces under Alessandro Sforzo and Federigo of Urbino near San Fabiano.[6]

Ferdinand escaped with only twenty men[1][2] but, with the help of Pope Pius II, the duke of Milan, the Albanian lord Skanderbeg,[3] and the king of Aragon, was ultimately able to defeat John at Troia on 18 August 1462[7][5] and off Ischia in 1465.

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