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Port Phillip is a bay in Victoria, Australia. It has many beaches, most of which are flat, shallow and long, with very small breaks making swimming quite safe. This attracts many tourists, mostly families, to the beaches of Port Phillip during the summer months and school holidays. Water sports such as body boarding and surfing are easy or simple, except in extreme weather conditions.

Most sandy beaches are located on the bay's northern, eastern and southern shorelines, while the western shorelines host a few sandy beaches, there mostly exists a greater variety of beaches, swampy wetlands and mangroves. The occasional pebble beach and easy sand dunes can also be found, mostly in the southern reaches.


View of St Kilda Beach and pier

Hobsons Bay[edit]

West Beach - St Kilda West

Between Hobsons and Beaumaris Bays[edit]

Elwood Beach and Port Philip
Point Ormond near Elwood, Victoria (2009)
Watkins Bay Beach
Keefers Cove Beach

Beaumaris Bay[edit]

The beach at Aspendale has several colourful beach huts.
Port Phillip as seen from Olivers Hill, Frankston on the eastern shore of the bay
Long Island Beach

Between Beaumaris and Dromana Bays[edit]

Canadian Bay Beach
Mills Beach East
Fosters Slip

Dromana Bay[edit]

Anthonys Nose Beach - Dromana

Capel Sound[edit]

Rye Beach East
Rye Beach West

Point Nepean beaches[edit]

Lonsdale Bay[edit]

Between Lonsdale and Corio Bays[edit]

  • The Bluff Beach - St Leonards
  • St Leonards Beach - St Leonards
  • Indented Head Beach - Indented Head
  • Half Moon Bay Beach - Indented Head
  • Indented Head Northern Beaches - Indented Head
  • Portarlington Eastern Beaches - Portarlington
  • Portarlington Beach - Portarlington
  • The Dell - Clifton Springs

Corio Bay[edit]

Between Corio and Altona Bays[edit]

Much of this coastline is undeveloped and is occupied by either military facilities or the Western Treatment Plant.

Altona Bay[edit]