Beall Island

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Beall Island
Beall Island is located in Antarctica
Beall Island
Beall Island
Location in Antarctica
Coordinates66°18′S 110°29′E / 66.300°S 110.483°E / -66.300; 110.483Coordinates: 66°18′S 110°29′E / 66.300°S 110.483°E / -66.300; 110.483
ArchipelagoWindmill Islands
Length2 km (1.2 mi)
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

Beall Island is an Antarctic rocky island, 2 km (1.1 nmi) long, with small coves indenting the east and west sides, lying 0.37 km (0.2 nmi) northwest of Mitchell Peninsula in the Windmill Islands. It was first mapped from air photos taken by USN Operation Highjump and Operation Windmill in 1947 and 1948, it was named by the US-ACAN for James M. Beall, U.S. Weather Bureau observer with Operation Windmill who assisted staff aerology officers with forecasting duties.

Beall Reefs[edit]

The Beall Reefs are submarine ridges with depths of less than 1.8 metres (1 fathom), located 0.9 kilometres (0.5 nmi) west of the island; they were discovered from the launch at Wilkes Station in 1961 and named by ANCA after the island.

Connors Point[edit]

Connors Point is the northwest point of the island, it was named by the US-ACAN for Aerographer's Mate William J. Connors, USN, a member of the Wilkes Station party of 1958.

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