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Bedat & Co
Privately Held Company
Industry Luxury Watch Manufacturing
Founded 1996; 22 years ago (1996)
Founder Simone Bédat
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
Products Wristwatches

Bedat & Co is a Swiss watch brand. The company was founded by Christian Bédat, with the help of his mother Simone.[1] Bedat & Co watches are sold on four continents.

Today, Bedat & Co is owned by LuxuryConcepts SA, a Geneva-based firm.[2]


After years of experience in the watch industry, Christian Bédat and Simone Bédat decided to create their own brand, in 1996, the first collection of timepieces, the N°3, N°7.Ref. 304 , 710 were presented in 1997 during BaselWorld.[3]

In 2000, Gucci Group acquired 85% of Bedat & Co with Christian Bédat serving as the chairman. Simone Bedat helped her son pro bono and was never an employee of the company.[4]

In 2006, Simone and Christian Bédat departed from the company, making the Gucci Group the sole owner of Bedat & Co.[2] Following their departure, the Bedat & Co company worked with new designers.

In 2008, the Swiss watch brand launched its very first stand alone boutique in Kuala Lumpur, the opening of which was officiated by the Queen of Malaysia, Her Majesty Sultanah Nur Zahirah.[5]

In 2009, Malaysia-based company, LuxuryConcepts SA announced their acquisition of Bedat & Co. In spite of this, the brand remains a 100% Swiss company with global distribution.[6]

In 2010, Bedat & Co returned to their roots and worked again with the designer Dino Modolo for the latest collection.[7]


Bedat & Co watches are inspired by Art Deco spirit and lines.[1]

Bedat & Co comprises 5 collections. Each collection has a number: 1, 2, 3, 7 and 8. Numbers, instead of names, were deemed the best identifications of collection. Unlike names, numbers can be easily translated through countries throughout the world, whereas names would supposedly be very difficult to comprehend or spell.[1]

Each number corresponds to a form of shape:

  • N°1: Square-shaped cases curved at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock
  • N°2: Oval-shaped cases
  • N°3: Tonneau-shaped cases
  • N°7: Rectangular-shaped cases curved at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock
  • N°8: "Round in a cushion" shaped cases
  • Extravaganza: Haute Joaillerie models [8]


The models launched in 2011 include the new Ref. 830.030.100, a line of ladies’ chronographs with 60-second and 9 o’clock counters.[9] This is the brand’s first model to offer such popular functions, and is also distinguished by the snow setting on the bezel – a technique consisting in arranging different-sized tiny diamonds nestled close together to form a sparkling gemstone carpet, entirely concealing the metal beneath.[9]

The brand’s No. 1 collection has also been given a new design.[9]

Another new model for the brand comes in the shape of the Ref. 315.040.019 – which offers a visual effect topped with a bezel featuring a unique random setting composed of 390 diamonds, and fitted with a hand-sewn alligator strap.[9]

Bedat & Co has been exhibiting in Baselworld every year. In 2013, Bedat & Co was housed in Hall 1.1 where only the prestigious brands are located in the hall.[10]


In United Brands Lists of Top 10 Industry Brands for 2011, Bedat & Co was ranked No. 6 under the category of Top 10 Watch Brands – Diamond.[11]

  • 2009 – Winner of Favourite Ladies’ Watch Award for Ref. 384.031.600 [12]
  • 2010 – Winner of Favourite Ladies’ Watch Award for Extravaganza 883 [13]
  • 2011 – Winner of YTL Spirit of Classical Art Award for Ref. 288 [14]
  • 2012 – Winner of YTL Spirit of Classical Art Award for Extravaganza 887[15]
  • 2013 - Winner of YTL Spirit of Classical Art Award for Ref. 327.555.909 [16]
  • 2014 - Winner of Favourite Ladies’ Watch Award for Ref. 828.040.M04 [17]

Ambassador & Celebrity[edit]

Yolanda Foster, former supermodel and TV reality star became a BEDAT & CO brand ambassador in 2003. Married to Grammy Award-winning Canadian producer and songwriter David Foster, she is recognized for her campaign for awareness against Lyme Disease, a condition which she suffers herself, she attended The Women's Image Network Awards as a presenter courtesy of Bedat & Co. [18]

Eleanor Cardozo, a contemporary figurative artist was recognised as Bedat & Co’s ambassador and “Woman of Calibre”.[19]

Mandy Santos, a Philippines designer and entrepreneur of Solene Garments that designs and manufactures Tarte Tatin, a one-stop shop that offers footwear and accessories for mothers and toddlers [20] was chosen as Bedat & Co’s “Woman of Calibre”.[21] Mandy is also a favourite cover girl of the Philippines top lifestyle magazine.[20]

During Kimora Lee Simmons’ visit to Malaysia for the 2013 Formula One Grand Prix and the launch of the Starhill Gallery Luxury Channel, Bedat & Co was chosen as the watch brand to style her.[22]

British Classical Singer, Carly Paoli, was appointed a brand Ambassador in September 2014,[23] since her appointment, she had performed at David Forster’s concert alongside Steven Tyler and Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson as well as Jackie Evancho.[24] She was also privileged to be invited to perform at the International Women's Media Foundation Courage in Journalism Awards (IWMF) in Los Angeles, the performance ended with a rousing reception.[25] She made the Asian debut in Malaysia at 'A Journey Through Time VIII' Asia's grandest watch and jewellery showcase held at Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur.[26]


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