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Before Jerusalem Fell is a book written by Kenneth Gentry based on his PhD dissertation from Whitefield Theological Seminary. The book is currently in its third edition and is published by American Vision in Atlanta, Georgia.

The book presents a sustained argument from fields such as biblical hermeneutics, ancient history, textual criticism, archaeology, and Christian theology for why the Book of Revelation must have been written before the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, during the reign of Roman emperor Nero. Gentry argues that Nero Caesar is the "sixth king" presently ruling (Rev. 17:10) who functions in Revelation as the Beast.

The book is controversial in that it goes against majority evangelical and Dispensational opinion that Revelation was written in the reign of Domitian in AD 95, though the pre-AD 70 date for Revelation was the dominant view of scholars in the 19th century and first two decades of the 20th century.[1]

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