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Beigan Township

Beigan Township · 北竿鄉
Beigan Township in Lienchiang County
Beigan Township in Lienchiang County
Coordinates: 26°13′25″N 119°59′21″E / 26.22361°N 119.98917°E / 26.22361; 119.98917Coordinates: 26°13′25″N 119°59′21″E / 26.22361°N 119.98917°E / 26.22361; 119.98917
CountryTaiwan (ROC)
CountyLienchiang County
 • Total9.90 km2 (3.82 sq mi)
 (Nov. 2017)
 • Total2,365
 • Density240/km2 (620/sq mi)
Postal code
Area code(s)(0)836
Beigan Township view from Bishen Hill

Beigan Township (Chinese: 北竿鄉; pinyin: Běigān Xiāng; Báe̤k-găng-hiŏng), is one of the five major islands of the Matsu Islands, is officially administrated as Lienchiang County by the Taiwan (ROC). Beigan Township refers to the administrative subdivision that also includes the major island, Beigan island, as well as other smaller islands of Matsu such as Gao-dan island (高登島), Lian island (亮島); this township served as one of the Three Links to mainland China before direct links between Taiwan and the PRC were reestablished.


Beigan was firstly developed during the Song and Yuan Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, the island went out of cultivation for several times due to the three "moves". Pirates also were often seen in the area.[1]

Republic of China[edit]

Beigan's vast resources of fish attracted many coastal Fujian residents to settle in the area to fish. In 1949, with the establishment of the People's Republic of China in Mainland China, Matsu was separated from the mainland and was subsequently incorporated under Lienchiang County by the Government of the Republic of China.


Beigan Township is located approximately 114 nautical miles northwest from Taiwan Island; the township is located to the north relatively to the other Matsu Islands and it is the second largest island of all five only after Nangan. It also has the second largest population area among other townships in the county;[2] the most populous and convenient area of Beigan is Tan-chi village (塘岐村) (this is also the place where major shops and restaurant are located).[3]

Beigan is a long and narrow island with tall mountains, its highest peak is Mount Bishan, standing at 298 meters. The terrain of the rest of the island rises and falls with large numbers of sandy beaches and outlying islands.[4]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Chinbi Village

There is a small reef just a few meters outside the beach of Chinbi which is about 5m high; the highest peak on the island of Beigan is Bishan peaking at 294m. The whole island is divided into 6 villages:

  • Howo (后沃村), this village is situated on the peninsula that has to be reached through a tunnel under the airport.
  • Chinbi (芹壁村), this village is famous for a fantastic view and faces the two islands of Beigan, (Liadao) (Gaoden). Often known as the "A Mediterranean town on the Taiwan Straits".
  • Tanchi (塘岐村), this village is the most populous and dense village on the whole island.
  • Baisha (白沙村), this village is based near the port that the commercial boats park at.
  • Banli (坂里村), this is where the Beihai Tunnel of Beigan is situated.
  • Chiaozai (橋仔村), located on the Northeastern side of Beigan.


There are branches of 7-Eleven at the villages of Tangqi and Banli and several other shops on the island. With the withdrawal of most of the military forces, the main source of income is now tourism, with several hotels in Tangqi, and numerous B&Bs in Qinbi and Qiaozi. There are no banks on the island of Beigan, however, the Chunghwa Post office has an ATM.


Ban Li Elementary School

There are one middle school and two elementary schools located on the island of Beigan; the library of Beigan opens daily from Wednesday to Sundays with the exception of national holidays.

Medical Institutions[edit]

  • Beigang Health Bureau (衛生所)
  • North High Hospital (北高醫院)

Tourist attractions[edit]


Beigan Harbor


Matsu Beigan Airport set here as gateway between Matsu Islands and Taiwan Island at Taipei Songshan Airport and Taichung Airport.


The township houses the Beigan Harbor. There are commercial boat rides from Nangan regularly for about 10–15 minutes. From Taiwan Island, boats depart from Port of Keelung to Nangan, then transfer by ferry to Beigan.

Starting 23 December 2015, there will be direct ferry service between Beigan and Huangqi in Lianjiang County, Fuzhou, Fujian, Mainland China.[6]


Roads in Beigan are served by taxi or rented cars and buses.


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