Beinn Mhòr (South Uist)

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Beinn Mhòr or Geitaval
South Uist Beinn Mhor.jpg
The narrow summit ridge just below the top, June 2004
Highest point
Elevation620 m (2,030 ft)
Prominence620 m (2,030 ft)
ListingGraham, Marilyn
Coordinates57°15′30″N 7°17′42″W / 57.25845°N 7.29491°W / 57.25845; -7.29491Coordinates: 57°15′30″N 7°17′42″W / 57.25845°N 7.29491°W / 57.25845; -7.29491
English translationBig mountain
Language of nameGaelic
PronunciationScottish Gaelic: [peiɲ ˈvoːɾ]
Beinn Mhòr or Geitaval is located in Outer Hebrides
Beinn Mhòr or Geitaval
Beinn Mhòr or Geitaval
OS gridNF809310

Beinn Mhòr is a mountain on the island of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. With a height of 620 metres (2,034 ft), it is the highest point on the island; the name Beinn Mhòr is Gaelic for "big mountain".