Belarusian Green Party

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Belarusian Green Party
Беларуская Партыя Зялёныя
Leader Aleh Novikaŭ
Founded 3 June 1994 (1994-06-03)
Ideology Green Politics
Political position Centre-left to Left-wing
European affiliation European Green Party (associate member)
International affiliation Global Greens (Associate)
Colours Green
House of Representatives
0 / 110
Council of the Republic
0 / 64
Part of a series on
Green politics
Sunflower symbol

The Belarusian Green Party (Belarusian: Беларуская Партыя Зялёныя) is an eco-socialist Green party in Belarus which opposes the administration of president Alexander Lukashenko. It was created in 1994. The leader of the party is Aleh Novikaŭ, also known as Lolik Uškin. The party has an anti-corporatist, anti-globalist platform. In legislative elections in Belarus held between 13–17 October 2004, the party did not secure any seats.

In late 2008, the Belarusian Green Party created a special commission on LGBT rights. It became the first political party in Belarus to officially announced support for the LGBT community.

The Belarusian Green Party opposes the practice of the death penalty; Belarus remains the last country in Europe with capital punishment. (The party has also sharply criticized the US government for continuing to permit the death penalty.) Members of the party strongly protested the executions of Dmitri Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalev, who were convicted of the 2011 Minsk Metro bombing in a controversial trial.

The party is an associate member of the European Green Party.[1]

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