Bellovesus was a Gaulish king. He lived around 600 BCE and is credited to have led the invasion of northern Italy by Gaulish tribes during the legendary reign of the 5th king of Rome, Tarquinius Priscus. However, archeology dates Gaulish expansion into Italy to around 400 BCE; the historical writer Livius remarks. His family belonged to the tribe of Bituriges, which were at this time the most powerful Gaulish tribe. In this time, the Gaulish people were suffering from overpopulation, so that it became necessary to open new settlement areas. Bellovesus and his brother Segovesus were entrusted with this task. While Segovesus was chosen by the gods — that is, by lot, got an indication to look in the Hercynian Forest for new areas to settle — Bellovesus was led to upper Italy. Bellovesus led a group of six surplus tribes forward over the Alps: Bituriges, Senones, Ambarri and Aulerci; the Alps represented an insurmountable hurdle for the course however first. Only after Bellovesus received support from the Greeks, who in the area of the Salyes had landed and established the port-city of Massilia in c. 600 BCE, did Bellovesus follow a divine sign and succeed in the crossing of the Alps through a pass in the area of Taurini.

Having arrived in Italy, the Gauls defeated the Etruscans at the Ticino River and settled in an area, called Insubria. Here Bellovesus founded the city of the modern Milan. Livius, ab urbe condita, 5,34. Hans Georg Gundel: Bellovesus. In: Der Kleine Pauly. Lexikon der Antike in fünf Bänden. Volume 1, frame 859. Description of the people migration under Bellovesus. In: Miranda Green: The Celtic World. Description of the people migration under Bellovesus. In: Henri Hubert: The Rise of the Celts. Cisalpine Gaul Insubres Insubria La Tène culture

Fred Rompelberg

Fred Rompelberg is a Dutch cyclist, known for taking several attempts to break the Absolute World Speed Record Cycling. On 3 October 1995 he cycled behind a motor dragster on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, with a speed of 268.831 kilometers an hour. He beat the previous record of 245 km/h held by John Howard, obtained in 1985 at the same location in Utah; the relevant world record was broken anew in 2018 by Denise Mueller-Korenek who reached a speed of 296.009 km/h. During the seventies and nineties, Rompelberg was active as a stayer. Among his victories was the Dutch Championship in 1977. Nowadays Rompelberg is into cycling holidays on Spain, he has two daughters. 11 world records, 12 European records, 7 wins in bicycle road races, Dutch champion on a bicycle behind heavy motorcycles, many victories behind heavy motorbikes on bicycle routes, Current holder of the hour against the clock world record behind heavy engines with 86.449 km / h Current holder of the 100 km world record behind heavy engines with 1h 10'363/100' The Absolute Speed World Record Cycling behind a dragster on a dried up American salt flat with 268,831 km / h.

Fastest speed on a bicycle

B. T. Brown Reservoir

B. T. Brown Reservoir is a reservoir of 300 acres in Coweta County, United States, it is located at 621 S Alexander Creek Road Newnan, Georgia 30263. The reservoir is maintained by the Coweta County Sewerage Authority; the reservoir was built for its ability to be a water treatment facility. The reservoir was rebuilt at a cost of $13 million and completed in 2006; the production of drinking water began in 2007. As of 2007, this facility will produce 2 million US gallons of water daily with a maximum capacity to produce 6 million US gallons daily. B. T. Brown reservoir is accessible to all Coweta County Residents with a few requirements including: Reservoir opens at 8:00am and closes at sunset or posted time. You must be a Coweta County Resident You can only fish from a boat Your boat can only use an electric trolling motor or paddles. No gas motors or gas tanks are allowed. No rubber or vinyl rafts allowed 20 feet length maximum for boats No gasoline tanks are permitted on the reservoir To obtain a permit you must go to the Coweta County Water & Sewerage Authority, located at 545 Corinth Road, Georgia 30263.

The Pavilion has 3 connected shaded areas with restroom accessibility. The Pavilion area has multiple playground areas for children; the Pavilion is accessible to all Coweta County Residents with a few requirements. Pavilions closes at sunset or posted time. You can reserve the Pavilion for a local event by contacting the Coweta County Water & Sewerage Authority, located at 230 East Newnan Road, Georgia 30263. Map maps