Moscow Smolenskaya railway station

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Moscow Railway terminal
View of the station's main entrance
Location 7 Tverskaya Zastava Square, Moscow
Platforms 7
Tracks 11

Tram: 7, 9;

Bus: M1, H1, T18, T78, 12, 27, 82, 84, 101, 116, 456, 904, 905 ;

Trolleybus: 12, 20, 54, 70, 82;
Structure type At-grade
Other information
Station code 198230
Fare zone 0
Opened 1870
Rebuilt 1907–1912
Preceding station   Moscow Railway   Following station
Terminus Smolensk Line
Moscow suburban
toward Gagarin
Route map
0 Yaroslavsky terminal
Left arrow ElektrozavodskayaStankolit Right arrow
Third Ring Road
3 Moskva-3
4 Malenkovskaya
Rostokinsky proyezd
Yauza River
6 Yauza
Left arrow BelokamennayaRostokino Right arrow
7 Severyanin
13 Los
Ichka River
Moscow Ring Road
14 Perlovskaya
16 Tayninskaya
Yauza River
to Pirogovo
Left arrow to Fryazino, Fryazevo
Down arrow to Sergiyev Posad
Moscow-Belorusskaya is located in Moscow Ring Road
Location within Moscow Ring Road

Belorussky railway terminal (Russian: Белору́сский вокза́л, IPA: [bʲɪɫɐˈruskʲɪj vɐɡˈzaɫ]) also known as Moscow Smolenskaya railway station (Russian: Москва́-Смоле́нская, Moskva-Smolenskaya) is one of nine railway terminals of Moscow. It was opened in 1870 and rebuilt in its current form in 1907–1912.


Belorussky railway station serves long distance trains to regions west and south-west of Moscow, and one train each to the north-east (on the Savyolovskiy[ru] branch to Rybinsk with continuing service to Uglich, Vesegonsk, and Pestovo) and to the south (to Anapa through Tula, Kursk, Voronezh, and Rostov-on-Don). The station also serves local commuter trains to Usovo, Odintsovo, Golitsyno, Kubinka I[ru], Mozhaisk (including express service), Borodino, and Zvenigorod as well as the Aeroexpress service to Sheremetyevo Airport.

The station is not entirely a terminus station. A transit line continues on the Alekseevskaya Line[ru]. In addition, the station provides through service to Savyolovskaya and Kurskaya stations. Until 18 May 2015 a suburban train service also continued to Gagarin,[1][2] and until the end of 2012 to Vyazma. Now the farthest station of commuter train service on this line is Mozhaisk. Approximately 1500 passengers per hour use Belorussky station.[3]

Belorussky railway station is included in the Moscow Regional Directorate of the Directorate of railway stations.[4] This station is part of the Moscow-Smolensk unit of DTSS-3, Moscow Directorate of Rail Traffic Control.


Construction of the railway from Moscow to Smolensk, and then to Minsk and Warsaw, started in the second half of the 1860s. Construction of the station, known as Smolensky, began in late April 1869.[3] A grand opening of the Moscow-Smolensk railway took place on 19 September 1870, the station became the sixth in Moscow. In November 1871 after the extension of the railway to Belarus, the station was renamed Belorussky Station. On 15 May 1910 the right wing of the new station opened, and on 26 February 1912 the left wing opened. The station was designed by architect Ivan Strukov[ru]. On 4 May 1912 the railway was renamed the Alexander Railway, the station was renamed Alexander Station.[3] In August 1922 the Alexander and the Moscow-Baltic railways were merged into the Moscow-Belarus-Baltic, so the station was renamed Belorussian-Baltic station. In May 1936 and, after yet another reorganization of the railways, the station received its present name – Belorussky Station.


Suburban platforms of Belorussky Rail Terminal also showing Aeroexpress platform.

In September 2007 OAO "Aeroexpress" began the reconstruction of the rail link to Sheremetyevo Airport. The cost of reconstruction at the Belorussky station was estimated at US$7.7 million and involved the construction of a new terminal, which has become one of the main links in rail traffic between Moscow and the airport. The new Belorussky terminal is located in the fourth hall of the railway station and occupies an area of 600 square metres (6,500 sq ft) Passengers departing from Sheremetyevo can check in for flights using the self-service kiosks. The terminal was opened on 27 August 2009.

In June 2008 construction of a new railway terminal complex at Sheremetyevo was completed. New purpose-built rolling stock, the electric ED4MKM-Aero developed by ZAO "Transmashholding" serves the line.

Baggage check-in at the city terminal was abolished on 1 December 2010 in connection with the sharp increase in the number of passengers. The one-way cost of the trip is 500 rubles (1000 rubles for business class).[5]

Trains and destinations[edit]

Long distance[edit]

Train number Train name Destination Operated by
001/002 Belarus (bel, rus: Беларусь) Belarus Minsk (Main) Belarus Belarusian Railways
003/004 Minsk (bel: Мінск, rus: Минск) Belarus Minsk (Main) Belarus Belarusian Railways
009/010 Polonez (pol: Polonez, rus: Полонез) Poland Warsaw (Zachodnia) Poland Polish State Railways
Russia Russian Railways
013/014 Strizh (rus: Стриж) Germany Berlin Russia Russian Railways
017/018 France Nice (Ville) Russia Russian Railways
021/022 Vltava (cz: Vltava, rus: Влтава) Czech Republic Prague (cars: Austria Wien (Westbahnhof)) Russia Russian Railways
023/024 France Paris (Gare de l'Est) Russia Russian Railways
025/026 Svislach (bel: Свіслач, rus: Свислочь) Belarus Minsk (Main) Belarus Belarusian Railways
027/028 Bug (bel: Буг, rus: Буг) Belarus Brest Belarus Belarusian Railways
029/030 Yantar (rus: Янтарь) Russia Kaliningrad (cars: Lithuania Vilnius) Russia Russian Railways

Lithuania Lithuanian Railways

033/034 Smolensk (rus: Смоленск) Russia Smolensk Russia Russian Railways
039/040 Dzvina (bel: Дзвіна, rus: Двина) Belarus Polotsk Belarus Belarusian Railways
055/056 Sozh (bel, rus: Сож) Belarus Gomel (cars: Belarus Salihorsk, Belarus Mahilyow) Belarus Belarusian Railways
077/078 Nyoman (bel: Нёман, rus: Неман) Belarus Grodno Belarus Belarusian Railways
601/602 Rybinsk (rus: Рыбинск) Russia Rybinsk (cars: Russia Vesyegonsk, Russia Pestovo, Russia Uglich) Russia Russian Railways



Lastochka (rus: Ласточка) Russia Smolensk Russia Russian Railways

Other destinations[edit]

Country Destinations
Austria Austria Innsbruck, Wien (Westbahnhof)
Belarus Belarus Mahilyow
Czech Republic Czech Republic Cheb, Prague
France France Nice (Ville),[6] Paris (Gare de l'Est)
Germany Germany Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanover, Mannheim
Russia Russia Anapa, Arkhangelsk, Cherepovets, Usinsk, Vorkuta
Switzerland Switzerland Basel (SBB)

Suburban destinations[edit]

Suburban commuter trains (elektrichka) connect Belorussky station with the towns of Barvikha, Usovo, Odintsovo, Golitsyno, Zvenigorod, Kubinka, Mozhaysk.

Some suburban commuter trains (elektrichka) also proceed to Savyolovsky Rail Terminal to the Savyolovo direction destinations (Dolgoprudny, Lobnya, Nekrasovsky, Iksha, Dmitrov, Taldom, Dubna) and to Kursky Rail Terminal to Kursk direction destinations (Shcherbinka, Podolsk, Serpukhov).

Airport connections[edit]

Belorussky station is connected to Savyolovsky Rail Terminal (before 30 May 2010) and Sheremetyevo International Airport by Aeroexpress trains.[7]

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