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2015 NA LCS season

The 2015 NA LCS season was the third year of the North American League of Legends Championship Series. It saw an expansion of the league from eight to ten teams, as well as the introduction of championship points and the regional finals gauntlet to better determine which teams should qualify for the World Championship; the season was divided into spring and summer splits, each consisting of a regular season and playoff stage. The top six teams from the regular season advanced to the playoff stage, with the top two teams receiving a bye to the semifinals. Regular season games and the spring playoffs were played in the Riot Games Studios in Los Angeles, while the summer finals were held at Madison Square Garden; the spring split began on January 24 and concluded with Team SoloMid winning their third NA LCS title on April 19, with a roster consisting of Dyrus, Bjergsen, WildTurtle and Lustboy. The summer split began on May 30 and concluded with Counter Logic Gaming winning their first NA LCS title on August 23, with a roster consisting of ZionSpartan, Pobelter, HuHi, Doublelift and Aphromoo.

The three teams that qualified for the 2015 World Championship were Counter Logic Gaming, Team SoloMid and Cloud9

India–Tajikistan relations

The bilateral relations between the Republic of India and the Republic of Tajikistan have developed owing to both nations' co-operation on security and strategic issues. India has set up its first overseas military base Farkhor in Tajikistan. India assisted in building Ayni hospital. Diplomatic relations were established with Tajikistan's independence following the 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union, friendly with India. Tajikistan occupies a strategically important position in Central Asia, bordering Afghanistan, the People's Republic of China and separated by a small strip of Afghan territory called the Wakhan Corridor from northern Gilgit–Baltistan. Both Russia and China have sought to cultivate ties with Tajikistan, seen as important in the war in Afghanistan against the Islamist Taliban and Al-Qaeda. India's role in fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and its strategic rivalry with both China and Pakistan have made its ties with Tajikistan important to its strategic and security policies.

Military presence in Tajikistan and its neighbouring Central Asian Republics has been coveted by the United States and China apart from India. Despite their common efforts, bilateral trade has been comparatively low, valued at USD 12.09 million in 2005. To expand economic co-operation and trade and India established an inter-governmental commission on trade, economic and technical co-operation and have encouraged investment and trade in hydroelectricity, mining, food processing and tourism. India has offered to repair and modernise the Varzob-1 hydroelectric power plant. In 2006, the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmanov made an official visit to India that resulted in bolstered efforts to expand trade and cooperation on anti-terrorism issues; the major items of India’s exports are pharmaceuticals, coffee, textiles & clothing and machinery and the major imports are aluminium, dry fruits and organic chemicals. The Trade between the countries is not significant due to the inaccessibility of the country.

All trade between India and Tajikistan is done by sea from India to Bandar Abbas and by road through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. As a lesser developed country, one of the poorest nations in the world, Tajikistan is one of the largest beneficiaries of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme programme. Till date, 381 Tajik personnel have been trained under the ITEC scheme. 160 students have received Government of India scholarships for higher studies. So far, 35 Tajik military cadets and 67 young officers have undergone training at National Defence Academy in Pune, Indian Military Academy in Dehradun and other training establishments; the first batch of Tajik officers graduating out of NDA and IMA returned to Tajikistan in June 2007 and were inducted into the Tajik Defence forces. India's military presence and activities have been significant, beginning with India's extensive support to the anti-Taliban Afghan Northern Alliance. In 2002, India built a hospital at the Farkhor Air Base, located 60 km from the Afghan border, to treat wounded ANA fighters.

After the United States declined Tajikistan's offer to use the base, the Indian government began talks over utilising the base, the then-Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee signed an agreement with the Tajik president to that effect on 14 November 2003. India began renovating the stationed aircraft of the Indian Air Force there; the use of the base was speculated to include the acquisition of military and energy assets from the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, given India's primary reliance on Soviet/Russian weaponry. India sees the bases providing access to the oil and energy resources of Central Asia. India promised to aid in Tajikistan's defence and is providing training to the Tajikistan Air Force. Indian presence at Farkhor has been objected to by Pakistan; the Farkhor Air Base became operational in 2006, 12 MiG-29 fighters and trainer aircraft are planned to be stationed there. India is only the fourth nation after the US, Russia and Germany to have a military base in Central Asia.

India has established a military hospital in southern Tajikistan. The hospital with capacity of 50 beds will treat military personnel as well as civilians. Indian films are the most popular foreign films in the nation, Hindi-Urdu departments are large in the country

Appleton railway station

Appleton railway station served a industrial area of Widnes, England. It was located on the southern section of the former St Runcorn Gap Railway; the station was opened by the St Helens and Runcorn Gap Railway, absorbed by the London and North Western Railway. The L&NWR in turn became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway at the Grouping of 1923; the station passed to the London Midland Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948, only to be closed by the British Transport Commission three years later. The line continued in freight use until 1981; the site is buried under the A557 road. The nearest notable landmark to the station site is the Commercial Inn public house. In 1922 ten trains called at the station in each direction, Monday to Saturday, plying between St Helens Shaw St and Ditton Junction via Widnes South; some trains continued to some to Liverpool Lime Street. All trains were 3rd Class only. No trains called on Sundays. In 1951 the service was more complex. Six trains called in each direction, Monday to Friday, the early morning ones providing both 1st and 3rd Class accommodation.

On Saturdays four trains called in each direction, 3rd Class only. No trains called on Sundays. Butt, R. V. J.. The Directory of Railway Stations: details every public and private passenger station, halt and stopping place and present. Sparkford: Patrick Stephens Ltd. ISBN 978-1-85260-508-7. OCLC 60251199. Bradshaw, George. Bradshaw's General Railway and Steam Navigation guide for Great Britain and Ireland: A reprint of the July 1922 issue. Newton Abbot: David and Charles. ISBN 978-0-7153-8708-5. OCLC 12500436. Pixton, The Archive Photographs Series Widnes and St Helens Railways, The Chalford Publishing Company, ISBN 978-0-7524-0751-7 Smith, Paul. Lost Railways of Merseyside and Greater Manchester. Newbury: Countryside Books. ISBN 978-1-85306-869-0; the station on an 1888-1913 Overlay OS Map via National Library of Scotland The station on an old OS map via npe maps The station via Disused Stations UK an illustrated history of the line via 8D Association

Rena Vale

Rena Vale, or Rena M. Vale, was a writer, a scriptwriter for Universal Studios in Hollywood from 1926 to 1930 and in the 1930s was an investigator for a U. S. House of Representatives committee that became the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Vale was born as Rena Marie Vale in Arizona on January 30, 1898, graduated from Northern Arizona Normal School in Flagstaff in 1918, she taught school in Arizona for two years and was a cowgirl in that state. She moved to California in 1920, where she was a ballroom dancer in Long Beach, California, she worked at the Board of Education and as a shop assistant, selling men's hosiery. In 1916, at age 18, she sold a screenplay to the Lubin motion picture company, for which she received $25. Twelve years in March 1928, she was announced as the winner of a national contest sponsored by Photoplay magazine and Paramount Pictures for her scenario for a movie called Swag, she won from 40,000 entries and received a first prize of $5,000. In 1929, Vale was director of publicity for Pickwick Airways and for several years after was an aviation writer.

In November 1932, she was secretary to Wycliffe A. Hill, engaged in an endeavor to develop a "robot" process that would help put jokes together from a series of standard formats. By May 1934, Vale was working as assistant to the screenwriter George Yohalem, hoping to sell some of her own work, but in those days a stenographer could not "even attempt to sell her own stuff without being blacklisted, but she has a chance to sell stuff under other names", she worked for other writers as well, but by 1936 she was unemployed and registered with the California State Emergency Relief Administration. In December 1936, she was put on the payroll of the Works Progress Administration as secretary to R. Frederick Sparks, supervisor of the WPA Historical Records Survey, it was during the period that she became a member of the Communist Party, under the pseudonym Irene Wood, held various positions and attended various meetings of the partyIn August 1937, "in accordance with Communist Party decision, upon which I acted", Vale requested and received transfer to the Federal Theater Project of the WPA and, with others, worked on a play titled Sun Rises in the West, about migratory workers, produced at the Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles and the Greek Theater in the Hollywood Hills.

In March 1938, she transferred to the Federal Writers Project, where she was editorial assistant to Robert Brownell, in charge of the history essay for the Los Angeles Guide. Vale said she mailed back her party book in resignation in mid-1938, in October of that year she learned she was expelled from the party. Shortly thereafter, she said, she was fired as editorial assistant and her salary was reduced. In October 1941, she was secretary for the California State Assembly Committee on Un-American Activities. In November 1942, she filed a lengthy affidavit with the Joint Fact-Finding Committee to the 55th California Legislature detailing her experiences as a member of the Communist Party and giving the names of those she said worked with her, implicating the comedian Lucille Ball, the writer-activist Carey McWilliams, the actress Gale Sondergaard, the author John Steinbeck and the journalist Charles Harris Garrigues, among others, she worked for Sen. Joseph McCarthy's permanent subcommittee on investigations.

She became a science-fiction writer, with four books to her credit: Beyond the Sealed World, Taurus Four, The Day After Doomsday and The House on Rainbow Leap. She died in February 1983 in Arizona. "Tri-Nation Service Starts.

Myke Hurley

Myke Hurley is a British professional podcaster residing in London. He is the co-founder of the podcast network Relay FM. In 2011 Hurley formed the podcasting network 70Decibels, purchased by the 5by5 network in March 2013. In 2014 he founded the podcast network Relay FM with Stephen M. Hackett. Within one year the network featured 16 different shows and delivered 1.5 million downloads per month. In 2016, Apple featured Hurley in its podcast series Events at the Apple Store, Business Insider listed him in the UK Tech 100. In September 2016, Hurley started a vlogging channel on YouTube. In April 2018, Hurley and Tiffany Arment, who together host the video game review podcast Playing for Fun, started a YouTube channel. Named after the podcast, the channel hosts VODs from their Twitch streams; some podcasts hosted by Hurley are listed below. Analog, with co-host Casey Liss BONANZA!, with co-host Matt Alexander Connected, with co-hosts Stephen M. Hackett and Federico Viticci Cortex, with co-host CGP Grey Myke at the Movies, with co-hosts Casey Liss and Jason Snell.

Hosted on The Incomparable. Playing for Fun, with co-host Tiffany Arment Remaster, with co-hosts Shahid Kamal and Federico Viticci The Ring Post, with co-hosts Dave Tach and Henry T. Casey. Hosted on The Incomparable; the Pen Addict, with co-host Brad Dowdy The Test Drivers, with co-host Austin Evans Thoroughly Considered, with co-hosts Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost Ungeniused, with co-host Stephen M. Hackett Upgrade, with co-host Jason Snell Some podcasts hosted by Hurley are listed below. Bionic, with co-host Matt Alexander CMD+Space Inquisitive The Prompt, with co-hosts Stephen M. Hackett and Federico Viticci Virtual, with co-host Federico Viticci Official site