Bend, British Columbia

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Bend, British Columbia
Railway Point
Bend, British Columbia is located in British Columbia
Bend, British Columbia
Location of Bend in British Columbia
Coordinates: 53°46′00″N 121°04′00″W / 53.76667°N 121.06667°W / 53.76667; -121.06667Coordinates: 53°46′00″N 121°04′00″W / 53.76667°N 121.06667°W / 53.76667; -121.06667
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Region Robson Valley
Land district Cariboo Land District
Regional District Fraser-Fort George

Bend is the remnants of a community located between Penny and Dome Creek in central British Columbia, which comprises several scattered houses stretching along the north side of the Fraser River. The area was named after the 90 degree curve on the railway tracks, a mile northwest of the railway bridge.[1]


It is a flag stop for Via Rail's Jasper – Prince Rupert train.[2]


Bend, like Guilford to its northwest, and Kidd to its southeast, was an original railway station (1914) on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (the Canadian National Railway after nationalization), the station was about 2 miles from Dome Creek. A post office existed from 1 May 1930 to 15 October 1942, the community hall hosted various functions.[3]

The school, located near the train station, opened in 1925, with Miss Alfreda Larsen as the inaugural teacher.[4] Becoming part of the former McBride School District in 1945, it closed the following year, having 11 students in grades 1-8. Thereafter, students attended the Dome Creek School. A scheduled reopening for 1948 did not transpire, because no suitable teachers were available.[5] Children would cross the Fraser on the ice in winter and by boat in summer, during spring, the hazardous railway bridge provided the only crossing.[6]

James B. Hooker, a pioneer settler, was a well-known hunting guide and outfitter, including US visitors as clientele;[7] in 1934, his 12-year-old son, Allen, saved a boy from drowning in the river.[8]

The York Lumber Co. commenced operations in the 1923-24 winter.[9] Auctioned at a receiver’s sale of the mill,[10] Wallace N. Jaeck offered the highest bid,[11] with his son, C. Earl Jaeck, he opened an enlarged mill in August, 1928;[12] in 1934, John F. McMillan purchased a controlling interest in the company.[13] A Board of Trade delegation included this 45,000-feet-per-shift capacity mill (C.E. Jaeck the then manager) on their 1937 tour.[14]

In 1942, when R.R. McGillivray was the manager and C.E. Jaeck the president, a 60 mph wind swept through the area. Toppled trees fell on telephone wires, cutting off communication with the outside, the gale dispersed embers from the mill burner into the mill building and across the settlement, razing the sawmill, finished lumber, the village, and a number of railway freight cars on the siding. Only the cookhouse, a small dwelling and some shacks remained, it also created spot fires in Dome Creek across the Fraser. Most of the men were away fighting forest fires. Relief supplies for the 200 victims, who had lost everything, were dispatched from McBride,[15] garnering praise for the Red Cross and Salvation Army.[16] Mopping up operations continued at the sawmill for several months,[17] the mill not rebuilt, only the farming community and those working in Dome Creek remained.


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