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Debra M. Davis

Debra M. Davis is an American politician who represents District 28 in the Maryland House of Delegates. Davis graduated from the University of Maryland with A Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology. After attending the University of Baltimore School of Law where she earned a Juris Doctorate, she was admitted to Maryland Bar in 1995. Davis has been a member of the Maryland House of Delegates since January 9, 2019, she was assigned to the Judiciary Committee and sits on its juvenile law and public safety subcommittees. She is a member of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland

Get Fuzzy

Get Fuzzy is an American gag-a-day comic strip written and drawn by Darby Conley. The strip features the adventures of Boston advertising executive Rob Wilco and his two anthropomorphic pets, a dog named Satchel Pooch and a cat called Bucky Katt; the strip's humor comes from the conflict between Bucky's and Satchel's personalities, which are extreme stereotypes of cats and dogs. Sweet, trusting, naïve Satchel is subjected to the exploitation of cruel, self-centered Bucky, always torturing the poor canine. Rob, the middleman, is frazzled from dealing with them, or more from dealing with Bucky's destructive nature and overall nastiness; the three characters live in an apartment on Boston's Longwood Avenue. Get Fuzzy eschews the traditional "setup-punchline" format of most funnies, instead building on absurd dialog between characters; the unusual title of the strip comes from a concert poster that Darby Conley once created for his brother's band, the Fuzzy Sprouts. "Life's too short to be cool," the poster read, "Get Fuzzy."

Get Fuzzy has been published by United Feature Syndicate since September 6, 1999. Appearing in 75 newspapers nationally, the strip grew in popularity quickly, it appears in over 700 newspapers worldwide. In 2011, Get Fuzzy began to incorporate more reprinted strips into its daily rotation; these would alternate from week to week with a new strip. The reruns became more frequent, by November 2013, the daily Get Fuzzy strips consisted of strips from previous years. New Sunday strips continued appearing sporadically through February 2019; the lack of new content has caused a significant decline in the popularity of Get Fuzzy, in some cases reader feedback polls have been conducted as to whether or not to keep the strip. One of these was conducted by The Washington Post in October 2013; the Seattle Times, which stopped carrying Get Fuzzy on March 3, 2014, said their reasoning was "because the creator is no longer producing new installments." Rob Wilco is the "owner" of Satchel and Bucky and serves as the straight man between Satchel's goofy naïveté and Bucky's cynical hostility.

In the Get Fuzzy universe all animals talk, a situation that no one seems to find odd. Rob is portrayed as a bit of an everyman: a mediocre performer in a job he dislikes, not successful romantically, an all-around quiet guy with a poor haircut and chronic lower back pain, his passions, which border on obsessions, include sports, video games and guitarist Leo Kottke. He is a strict vegetarian, due to what he feels are too cruel methods of killing the animals; the character was named for two classmates of Conley's at South-Doyle High School in Knoxville, Tennessee who were named "Rob". Bucky Katt is Rob's cynical Siamese Cat, his ears are nearly always drawn laid back flat on his head, a feline sign of defiance, he is missing an upper canine tooth. The Humane Society found Bucky huddled on a trash can, while the cat was only a few weeks old, in Hackensack, New Jersey to be adopted by Rob. While Bucky's father has never been mentioned, Bucky gave his mother's maiden name on a credit card application as "Tricky Woo," an allusion to the ludicrously pampered pet dog of that name in James Herriot's stories of his experiences as a vet.

Bucky lives in a dresser located in the hall closet of Rob's apartment because he refuses to share a room with Satchel. On most outdoor excursions, when Rob is present, Bucky is carried in a strap-on "Bundle-O-Joy" baby carrier, referenced as a way of keeping the cat out of trouble. Most of Bucky's aggression is directed at Satchel, although most of his attempts fail as Satchel does not have enough intelligence for Bucky's rude sarcasm and is unaware that he is being insulted. Three obsessions dominate Bucky's life: Fungo Squiggly. Bucky owns a miniature teddy bear named "Smacky", obtained by his refusing to exchange toys with Satchel at a "McDoodles" restaurant though each had the toy the other wanted, it is one of the few objects. As Christmas gifts, Bucky received two other bears which he named "Cracker" and "Punk", but they do not appear as as Smacky. Bucky owns a rag doll named "Ms. Pretty", similar to Barbie. Bucky claims to be a fan of the "Yankers" wearing a Yankees cap throughout the series, although it appears more to be an opportunity to annoy Rob because he wouldn't let him wear his Boston Red Sox baseball cap than anything else.

Bucky has been shown to hold conservative political viewpoints throughout the strip, but these may not stem from actual convictions as much as a desire to antagonize Rob and Satchel, both apparent liberals. Bucky is frequently shown to have francophobic and anti-Quebec sentiments, he says words like frog and canuck, although these appear to stem from the desire to antagonize Satchel for his background, rather than racism or nativism. Satchel Pooch is Rob's overweight, naïve, amused dog, his father, named Copernicus, a Labrador Retriever and retired guide dog, his mother, a Shar Pei, live in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. It is suggested by Rob's friend Joe Doman, that he is named after the Baseball Hall of Fame player Satchel Paige. Satchel is kind and sympathetic; these traits, coupled with his naïvete and gullibi

Black Bible Chronicles

Black Bible Chronicles is a two-volume set of "adaptive retelling" of the Bible by P. K. McCary. Black Bible Chronicles: From Genesis to the Promised Land is a 190-page "interpretation" of the Pentateuch. Book 2, titled Rappin' With Jesus: The Good News According to the Four Brothers, was released a year and includes interpreted versions of the four gospels in 168 pages. There has been no announcement concerning further releases in the series for the remainder of the Biblical books, it is far more free in its structure than a dynamic equivalence translation. In terms of style, it is more free than The Aussie Bible; the Black Bible Chronicles books were all written by P. K. McCary as a way to bring the "message of life into the language of the streets"; the original Biblical passages are summarized. Excerpts can be read in some of the external links from this article. Miscellaneous Bible translations McCary, P. K.. Black Bible Chronicles: From Genesis to the Promised Land. New York: African American Family Press.

ISBN 1-56977-000-X. Introduction by Andrew Young and former mayor of Atlanta. McCary, P. K.. Rappin' With Jesus: The Good News According to the Four Brothers. New York: African American Family Press. ISBN 1-56977-005-0. McCary, P. K.. Black Bible Chronicles. New York: African American Family Press. ISBN 1-56977-010-7. "Jesus Raps with the Brothers on the Hill". Beliefnet. Retrieved 2006-05-15. Excerpt of the Beatitudes. "The Almighty said: "Lighten up!"". Ship of Fools. Retrieved 2006-05-15. Excerpt of Genesis. "The Ten Commandments". Harper's Magazine. Retrieved 2006-05-15. Excerpt of the Ten Commandments in the January 1995 issue. 1993 interview on KCAL 9 News, Los Angeles, including criticism from Pastor John Coleman

Curtis McDonald

Curtis Earl McDonald is a Welsh footballer who plays as a left-sided defender or midfielder. He is playing for Chippenham Town. Born in Cardiff, Curtis made his debut for Cardiff City on 30 April 2006 against Coventry City in the Football League Championship. On 24 November, he joined Accrington Stanley on loan, making one appearance during a 2–0 defeat to Doncaster Rovers in the Football League Trophy as a substitute replacing Andy Todd, he returned to the Bluebirds, coming off the bench to score two goals, including the winner, on his Cardiff City debut, away at Carmarthen Town in the FAW Premier Cup but, at the end of the 2006–07 season he was released by Cardiff. After a few months playing for Welsh Premier League side Carmarthen Town, he moved to Poland, joining MKS Swit, alongside fellow Welshman Gianluca Palladino, in an arrangement with M&M sports management, he stated that his aim was to return to England during the November break in Poland and earn a deal at a Football League club.

He returned to Britain and signed a 6-month deal at Forest Green Rovers, linking up with former Cardiff teammate Stuart Fleetwood. He made his debut in a 1–1 draw with Kettering Town on 9 August 2008 and stayed on for the 2008–09 campaign at The New Lawn on non-contract terms and signed on for the following season when again offered a contract to stay. McDonald left the club at the end of the 2009–10 season and trialled with Football League sides, Stockport County and Leyton Orient, however he did not earn a contract and re-joined Forest Green, he celebrated his return by scoring the third goal in a 4–3 victory for Rovers against Hayes & Yeading United. On 28 December 2010, he signed for fellow Conference National side Newport County, his spell with Newport was disappointing however and in March 2011 McDonald re-signed for Forest Green on loan. This move was made permanent on 31 May 2011 when he signed a one-year contract with the Nailsworth club. A lengthy injury lay off saw. After returning to fitness, McDonald was loaned out to Brackley Town and made his debut on 7 April 2012 against Hemel Hempstead Town.

McDonald went on to become part of the Brackley team that were crowned Southern Premier Division champions as a draw with Oxford City on 21 April 2012 was enough to earn the club promotion. At the end of the season McDonald was released by Forest Green and he joined Brackley on a permanent basis. In July 2016, McDonald signed for Southern League side Merthyr Town. In 2017, McDonald signed for newly promoted Chippenham Town in the National League South Curtis has played three times for the Wales under-21 team, he has played at under-19 and under-17 level. In November 2009, McDonald made his debut for the Wales semi-professional side in a 2–2 draw with Northern Ireland. Curtis McDonald at Soccerbase Welsh Premier profile

Liechtensteiner Americans

Liechtensteiner Americans are Americans of Liechtenstein descent. The first Liechtensteiner emigrants of which have record emigrated in United States in the early 1830s. However, first great wave of Liechtensteiner emigrants arrived to the United States on April 7, 1851, settling in New Orleans. Many of the Liechtensteiner emigrants of Dubuque left the city and got farms nearby. However, the Liechtensteiner emigration was markedly reduced during the American Civil War; when began the construction of railroads "to lying the country together and opening up the West", others Liechtensteiners emigrated to United States to work in the construction of railroads. During the following decades, other many Liechtensteiners emigrated to places such as Guttenberg and Wabash, Indiana. However, between 1885 and 1907, Liechtensteiner emigration was markedly reduced, limited to a few individuals and families. Less than 30 Liechtensteiners emigrated during that period to United States. Reducing migration was due to the significant increase in economic activity derived from the establishment of first textile factories in the 1880s.

The First World War caused an economic crisis in Liechtenstein, so the Liechtenstein emigration to United States was retaken. Most of new Liechtensteiner emigrants settled in urban areas in Chicago and Hammond, but had Liechtensteiners in the whole country. After the Second World War, a few more Liechtensteiners emigrated to United States, arriving the largest number in 1948, when entered fifteen individuals or families to this country; the reduction of the Liechtenstein emigration was due to improvements in economic conditions of Liechtenstein. John Latenser Sr