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Berryessa / North San Jose
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Station concourse in Dec. 2017
Station concourse in Dec. 2017
Location 1620 Berryessa Rd. San Jose, CA
Coordinates 37°22′06″N 121°52′29″W / 37.3683606°N 121.8746546°W / 37.3683606; -121.8746546Coordinates: 37°22′06″N 121°52′29″W / 37.3683606°N 121.8746546°W / 37.3683606; -121.8746546
Owned by Bay Area Rapid Transit

Silicon Valley BART extension

Platforms 1 island
Tracks 2
Structure type Elevated
Parking 1,200 spaces
Bicycle facilities Yes
Disabled access Yes
Opening Fall 2018[1][2][3][4]
Electrified 12 May 2017 (2017-05-12)[5][6]
Original company Built by VTA, transferred to BART
Preceding station   Bart-logo.svg Bay Area Rapid Transit   Following station
  Future service (fall 2018)  
toward Daly City
Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City Terminus
toward Richmond
Richmond–​Warm Springs/South Fremont
  Future service (2026)  
toward Richmond
Richmond–​Warm Springs/South Fremont
toward Santa Clara
toward Daly City
Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City
Route map
BART-SJ-extension-map (updated).png

Berryessa / North San Jose is a future Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station serving the Berryessa District in San Jose, California, United States. Previously known as Berryessa Station, it was renamed at the August 3, 2017, VTA Board of Directors meeting to "Berryessa/​North San Jose".[7][not in citation given] It is scheduled to open in fall 2018.[1][2][8][4][9] It will be the first BART station ever built in San Jose, and service will terminate here pending completion of the downtown San Jose subway (the last phase of the Silicon Valley BART extension).[10] Due to a shortage of available rolling stock, it will initially be served by only one line at any one time. A second line will be added in early 2019, during peak hours.[11][6]


The $2.3-billion extension has two stations, and broke ground in 2012 with completion initially expected in 2016.[12] VTA received a $900 million grant for federal funding for the $2.3-billion Silicon Valley Extension in 2012.[13] Estimated opening is scheduled for fall 2018.[8]

Station layout[edit]

Northbound/Westbound      Richmond–Warm Springs/South Fremont toward Richmond (Milpitas)
     Warm Springs/South Fremont–Daly City toward Daly City (Milpitas))
Southbound/Eastbound      Richmond–​Warm Springs/South Fremont toward Berryessa (Terminus)
     Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City toward Berryessa (Terminus)
M Mezzanine One-way faregates, ticket machines, station agent
G Street Level Parking, Exits/Entrances

The 52-acre (21 ha) station will have an elevated island platform, a seven-story parking structure with 1,200 spaces, and a 10-bay bus transit center.[14][15][16] The site is adjacent to the San Jose Flea Market.


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