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Best for Britain
Best for Britain logo.png
Formation 26 April 2017
Founders Eloise Todd, Stephen Peel, Clive Cowdery
Focus Continuing UK relationship with the EU
Mark Malloch Brown[1]
Key people
Eloise Todd (CEO), Board members

Best for Britain is a civil society campaign to fight Brexit, launched on 26 April 2017,[2] "fighting to keep the door open to EU membership."[3]


Best for Britain aims to stop Brexit and have a people's vote on whether to accept the government's Brexit deal or whether to keep Britain's membership of the European Union.[1]


At the end of 2017, the ex-diplomat Lord Malloch-Brown became chair of Best for Britain.[4]


Tactical voting campaign[edit]

In 2017, Best for Britain launched what it claimed was the UK's largest ever tactical voting campaign.[5] The Best for Britain team launched a crowdfunding appeal for the tactical vote initiative on 19 April 2017 in an immediate response to Theresa May's announcement of a snap election to be held on 8 June.[6] The stated aim of this appeal was to support candidates who were opposed to an extreme Brexit, were committed to a meaningful vote on the eventual Brexit deal, and would be prepared to defend the interests of the British people and reject a deal that leaves Britain worse off compared to our current EU terms. The crowdfunding campaign received donations from more than 10,000 people, raising more than £413,000 in total over the election period.[7] and raised over £350,000.[8]

Best for Britain launched the full tactical vote campaign on 26 April 2017 at a press conference at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Gina Miller was a spokesperson for Best for Britain during the tactical vote campaign. At the launch, statements were given by Gina Miller and Best for Britain's CEO, Eloise Todd.[9] Miller stated: "We need to prevent MPs and the people being forced into an extreme Brexit that is not in Britain's best interests. ... We will support candidates who campaign for a real final vote on Brexit, including rejecting any deal that leaves Britain worse off."[10] The campaign is providing support for approved candidates, donating money directly to local candidates, issuing tactical voting recommendations to the public, and using technology and social media to spread its message.[2]

People's Vote[edit]

On 23 June 2018 Best for Britain joined the People's Vote march in London to mark the second anniversary of the referendum to leave the European Union.[11][12]


In February 2018, it was reported in The Daily Telegraph, and confirmed by the campaign group, that George Soros, through his foundations, had contributed £400,000 to the campaign.[1][13]

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